Hello Everyone!  I thought I’d start my Blog with  one of my favorite photos from an article published in FDQ magazine last spring. This is Lana Turner’s living room in her hide away apartment.  The article, “One Spectacular Abode”  was about a starlet’s need for private space.  You see, Integrity Toys had just released their first doll in the Hollywood Royalty Series – Lana Turner. Seeing  the doll in person, and how lovely she was, inspired me to give her some glamorous surroundings to live in.

 .Lana's Living Room

I  decided to start a blog so that I can quickly and easily exchange information with those who would like to see what’s going on with “Welcome Home”. It seemed like a more accessible way to share with others .  I will be featuring new items for sale here, as well as my First to Know List and my website. You can see more of my work there by going to: www.maryannroy.com

If you will allow me to catch you up, the past few weeks have kept me quite busy with the release of my Two Sided Back Drop and “Vanity is Thy Name” (a vanity first for Welcome Home).

The back drop is simple to set up and use for diorama purposes or photographing your favorite dolls!  One side has the fireplace wall. It easily comes to life by adding  a few pieces of  furniture and accessoires:


When you flip it over, the back drop now shows a paneled wall with  hanging Art Work:

This week saw the debut of the vanity.  I thought that by offering the vanity in  two complimentary colors , people would have more choice and could pick the style that most reflects them.

 As you can see, one of my favorite dolls in the Integrity Line this year are the Monogram dolls! You will most likely see them in alot of upcoming photos of my furniture because they are perfect models!  Oh yes, it’s true, my dolls need to work for a living! None of this standing on a shelf business looking prim and proper. They are costly to obtain, and so they must work for their keep – lol !

I invite you to follow along as I navigate the Blog waters .  I adore designing decor and furnishings !  I hope you will find inspiration in what I do and what I offer.

Please join me in the journey !