Muse or Bemused ?…

As previously mentioned, I am totally taken with the new Monogram line of dolls from Integrity Toys.  How refreshing for a doll collector to feel the excitement and joy in discovering a new doll! Sometimes, it’s a particular look.  Sometimes  their flexibility, or posing capabilities. Sometimes a doll speaks to you because it somehow reflects your personality or incorporates something about you on a personal level. Does it really matter what it is that draws you to a certain doll ? Not particularly. You just know that you like it, must have it, must possess it !

Ah,… such is the case with the Monogram dolls and myself.  These gals (Monos, I call them for short), seem to have a quality about them that reflects my designing tastes.  Somehow, they have become Muses for my work.  They fit into the era or genre that I am trying to portray with my furniture designs.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! I still have an extreme fondness for vintage Barbie,  and a few other selective fashion dolls that I  can’t seem to do without. But, Monos – they are in a class all their own.

Usually, I do not have the time  to make anything  for my own dolls. Sad as it is, I am also short on space for display. My shelves are usually filled with props, or dolls waiting their turn to model for my latest article or sizing for new furniture designs. But, with the addition of my new gal pals, I thought it was about time that Maryann had her own display, on her own shelves, in her own work room. Matters of inspiration, I told myself.  It seems however, that the Monos had another effect on me.  I actually wanted them to have space of their own. Not clustered among the shelves with other dolls, but a true place of honor in the work room.  Ok – I do have my Vintage Barbie dolls in  what I call a place of honor. They have their own glass cabinet . But, that is in another room altogether, totally away from all the action!  But I digress.

Usually, once I am done with a photo shoot for the magazine, the props and furnishings either get sold or put away in storage for some future use. While working on the “Color” issue of FDQ, I decided I would reuse these sets for myself and display them, along with my Monograms, on the shelves in my work room.   I started thinking – Well, if they are models for my designs, they really should have a place to do just that – model. Also, wouldn’t they need new clothing to depict said designs? Hmmm…I do know a fabulous seamstress who, with a little bugging – I mean, suggesting, from me, could build a wardrobe for them as I see fit!

And so, you see my preoccupation with these dolls. They work for me yes, but I think now, I also work for them !

Here they are, as they reside (for now) on 3 of my work shelves. Each one of these beauties wears a custom outfit made by Hild Westervelt of “Bellissima*Couture” ( . If the sets look familiar, that’s because they are the ones I used for the most recent issue of FDQ – “Color”.

Am I bemused by these beauties? Maybe. But, where’s the harm?

Where does YOUR doll live?

“Welcome Home”

Top Shelf

Middle shelf

Bottom Shelf


13 thoughts on “Muse or Bemused ?…

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  1. While having fun, you also give us a blessing to be able to carry on using your ideas! Thanks again your secret admirer! C

  2. You have a truly amazing talent. You are my inspiration – You really are. If only I could be as talented as you. A mix between my most favourite things…mid century modern design and Barbie Doll. Thanks so much for sharing, Maryann. 🙂

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