You  know how ripples in a pond work, or how fast news can spread by- “word of mouth”, or how easily one thing can be connected to another( kinda like the Kevin Bacon game)?  Well, I just received  a news bulletin from a terrific source  for glorious fabrics called The Silk Baron.  In the bulletin, among the sales and new items available, was none other than one of MY PHOTOS! It shows how I use the fabrics I purchase from them.  This news bulletin goes out to all of their customers, which I think is pretty neat!  Here’s the photo:

The Silk Baron offers oodles of delicious fabrics in an assortment of colors and textures. For those looking for quality and uniqueness you can visit  The Silk Baron at:

Thought you might enjoy knowing that “Welcome Home” is seen and appreciated just as much in the mainstream as well as the dollworld.  This makes me very happy, indeed!