New Girls work the Illustrated Back Drop

The arrival of two new Monograms ( I know, you’re thinking TWO MORE?) brought the opportunity for a photo session. Usually I pull out all the stops by setting up a new room, or debuting new furniture designs.

While scouting around my work room for a background I came across an illustration I did a few years ago in my “Tressy period”.  Many of you may not know that I have illustration talents, so here you have it.  Yup, add that to the list of hats I wear. 🙂   I thought it would be fun to  photograph these new gals with an illustration rather than 3D objects.

Here’s Blue Chip wearing a swank little number by Bellissima*Couture. Some glamorous palazzo pants, no? 

And Brilliance, with her “hair” down, wearing another tailor-made Hilda fashion. Who knew purple could look so good?

What’s nice about a room setting back drop, is the fact that you don’t have to have other props to get some really good snaps. OR, you could add just a piece or two for a more dimensional look. Maybe a chair, or a table with a  lamp.  I think illustrated back drops add a little mystery to the composition. It might raise awareness when you look at the photo, as in – What’s going on in the background?  Or –  What else might there be to the place where she lives?

Colorful and fun, illustrated backdrops do more than fill space. They put your dolls in a world of their own. They make your displays come to life !

Where does YOUR doll Live?

Bellissima*Couture clothing:


5 thoughts on “New Girls work the Illustrated Back Drop

Add yours

  1. Oh, what fun! I’m really enjoying your new blog.

    I’d like to encourage you to make a few props for the 16-inch doll as well as the smaller lovelies. I’m enjoying the accessories I got from you some time ago.

    In any case, I love what you’ve been sharing lately.

    Many thanks!

  2. Very sweet, that backdrop. Nice change of pace that allows your favorite doll issue, the Monogram, to take center stage :>)

  3. Wow – great illustration Maryann! You are uber-talented! I’d like to “second the motion” for 16″ furniture. Now that I’m also doing BJD’s in that size it could do double-duty for them plus my 16″ fashion dolls!

    Oh – and Brilliance looks great in purple!

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