New Line of Dolls Captivates Grown Woman!

Well, not that it COULDN’T happen given my track record with collecting, but I am once again, totally enamored with a line of dolls! Integrity Toys unveiled their 2010 line on Saturday night to WClub members. This was an online event which proved to be quite enjoyable. Everything was beautiful to say the least.  But, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – none of the other dolls captivated me like the Monograms!  The few that I do own, were scarce and hard to obtain.  And, now, having an entire line of Monograms to choose from, well, it’s just  fantastic – almost overwhelming! A friend of mine who shares in this enthusiasm, describes the need to have Monograms like being addicted to crack cocaine! LOL! – Oh, btw folks, she’s a grown adult too! 🙂

If you are not familiar with the Monogram Line, here are a few photos, courtesy of Integrity Toys.

FRM Enigmatic

FRM Dreamscape

FRM Incandescent

FRM Disclosure with earrings

Aren’t they fantastic?! They have attitude, couture clothing, and that “je ne sais quoi” !

Of special note- that white paneled backdrop that you see these gorgeous gals photographed against? – I did that !  Yes, I occassionally do some commission work for Intgerity which delights me to no end, as you can imagine! You may have seen my previous work displayed with the Poppy Parker Line or Nu Face dolls.   Ah, there’s nothing like a 3 dimensional room that makes a doll come to life!

So, after viewing the Monograms,reading about my pure delight in them, and how I go on and on about their perfect modeling ability,  if you decide that’s a route you’d like to take in your doll collecting, don’t blame me! I’m  a grown woman – You’d think I’d know better !


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