Millinery Memories…

Well, it’s finally SPRING ! This is a favorite time of year for a lot of people . It symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts.  Another symbol of Spring ? – HATS !   A few years ago, prior to my new-found love of furniture design, I designed a line of hats for fashion dolls.   Such a love I had for this, that every doll I could think of, had to own a hat!  My website – “Maryann’s Millinery” was quite in tune with what the latest diva was and should be wearing – from Barbie, to Tressy, new designs and vintage copies. My hats ran the gamut of haute couture!  In March of 2006,  My millinery made the cover of Barbie Bazaar Magazine!  Here’s the original cover photo, taken by Ernesto Padro-Campos

What an honor to be the cover story of such a popular magazine ! “Finishing the Hat” was  both written and photographed by  Ernesto who did a fabulous job of  displaying my millinery and accessories.  You can still get a copy of this Barbie Bazaar issue on eBay, or through collecting friends.

Not long after, my double article about hats  was featured in the “Accessories” Issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine . “Crowning Glory” was my first chance to photograph articulated dolls (Integrity’s Monsieur Z line), with my wares.  Here are some of those photos.

The second part of this article featured an actual milliner’s shop.  In “Madame Milliner” I showed collector’s how I  built a millinery shop to house my miniature wares. Here are some of those photos.

There are lots more photos of the shop and of course, my explanation of how it was built in the magazine. This is actually the 1st time I added any type of furniture to my articles. Without my knowledge, could this have been the  buddings of my current desire to design 1:6 decor?!  All I remember is that I had fun doing it.   I hope you have enjoyed revisiting these articles. It’s SPRING! Time to clear out the cobwebs, dig out those stored away magazines and get  inspired !


8 thoughts on “Millinery Memories…

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  1. Gosh, it’s been some time since I’ve seen your hats! Love Ernesto’s image of Francie wearing one of your creations. Turbans! Who knew? Frankly, I wish you still offered a few hats now and again :>P

  2. (my website is not quite ready)

    I look forward to your emails! These hats are beautiful and I love the boutique. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


  3. OMG! I didn’t realize that was you! I adored that spread with the MZ dolls in their hats & the hat shop! That was the first thing I saw that made me start leaning towards setting up dioramas on my shelves. Soooo, I can see now that it’s all your fault, LOL.

  4. NOW I am feeling especially springy after viewing this collection! I want to order one for myself to wear. That should be your next project! love IT.

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