Portrait Pieces

Having fun with my Mini Gene dolls today. I thought I would share some photos that show how one piece of furniture can really go a long way when photographing your dolls.  For some people, adding furniture to their doll collection might be a space issue.  For others, it might be a hesitancy to even start adding furniture at all.   Starting out with just one piece is a fun, yet non intimidating way to change it up a little.

(Click on each of the photo’s for a closer look!)

The Chair:

The Sofa:

As collectors, our dolls are the outlet that brings us joy and relieves the stress of everyday life.  With the ever improving mobility of dolls today, it’s so much more gratifying to have the dolls actually doing something more than standing on a shelf.  “Welcome Home”  offers a way to do this. Choose  a chair, a sofa, or maybe a room divider as a back drop.   Add another dimension to your doll collection and enjoy it even more!  The possibilities are endless!  I will be taking your requests for special pieces for a limited time.  Email me  at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

No more commissions at this time. Thank you.

“Where does your doll live?”


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  1. Thank you Lisa – I preferred to think of “wild” as non traditional, rather than animal prints and jungle like accessories. I thought readers would get a kick out of something different.

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