“The Glamour collection”

The glamour is back ! You may remember my previous “Hollywood” collection which included some rich, regency style furnishings ? Well, I am adding to that by offering some totally GLAM, knock your socks off,  pieces of mirrored furniture!

These are now sold out !  No more orders please.  Thank you all !

For your pleasure:

The Dresser: – The largest piece in the collection, but still slim, and lady like! The dresser  is completely mirrored including the back and the legs!  Four drawers adorn the front with glass pull knobs.  (drawers do not open)  – $45.00

The Sideboard: – Use this gorgeous blue glass piece to set off any room! Three clear mirrored drawers with glass pulls dress the front.(Drawers do not open) This sideboard also features CLEAR legs!  A true conversation piece! – $50.00

The Credenza: The most decorated piece in the series, this credenza is made with both wood and mirror. The wooden pieces are painted black for a dramatic look, and the four panels on the front are adorned with elliptical shapes as well as glass knobs.  $55.00

You are wondering – ” How will these pieces look with my dolls ?”  Well, here are some of my girls to show you!  Click on each photo for a closer look.

Ah, but you think to yourself – Will these pieces go with my current decor? Absolutely ! Mirrors are neutral and lend themselves to the colors or prints in your already existing rooms!

They sparkle, they shine, they add glamour ! You are sure to LOVE your new GLAMOUR pieces from “Welcome Home” !

Please contact me for ordering: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

“Where does YOUR doll live?


8 thoughts on ““The Glamour collection”

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to order many of them, but my doll displays have just about pushed us out of our master bdrm. where most of my day is spent! Hhope to see many marked sold several times over, Maryann. Thanks for sharing, C

  2. Utterly spectacular, and evidence, once again, why Maryann Roy is the fashion doll world’s finest furniture designer and decorator.

  3. I adore these new mirrored glamour pieces – they are stunning, Maryann! I am just starting to venture into building displays for my gals and they would love to have pieces like these to pose among. Placing an order now (fingers crossed…). Thanks for continuing to make such lovely things for our dolls.

  4. Maryann has such excellent taste in decor and fashion.
    Her pieces are truly works of art. I would love to be able to have all of them!

  5. Just purchased my very first piece of furniture from Maryann! I’m so excited! Tough choice but I went with the credenza!

  6. Wow Maryann! I’m impressed with the mirrored items! Such a great idea too! Hmmm, now I’ve got to look over my shelves and see which I can add in…

  7. Fantastic. Love the mirror look and there are those great lamps.

    This type of furniture can be used in so many settings. I am crazy about the blue. I love them all, but for some reason, the blue is screaming my name. 🙂

    Marsha, Enchanticals

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