Eye Catching Real Estate!

Hello All !

While I am busy crafting all of the mirrored pieces recently ordered, I thought you might enjoy seeing photos from my current article in FDQ. This loft was based on Barbara Novak’s apartment from the movie “Down with Love”.   The space has so many great features and colors that it lends itself to being wild just by its existence! 

Location, location, location! A fantastic city view from the sliding glass doors implies that this gal has made it big time.

As you look at the photos, take note of the sunk in living area,colorful curved sofa, and  suspended fireplace. 

Who’s that living there? Why, it’s up and coming New York Model – Poppy Parker! 

She’s certainly made herself right at home!

Isn’t this the coolest?! I wish I had space to leave this set up all the time. Poppy is sure one lucky gal!

You can see the entire article in the current issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine. “The Wild” is in book stores now and can still be ordered through the FDQ site.


Poppy’s wardrobe provided by Hilda Westervelt, owner of Bellissima Couture:


“Where does YOUR doll Live?”

Welcome Home!


11 thoughts on “Eye Catching Real Estate!

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  1. Hi Maryann, how very trendy, you really must seriously consider duplicating some of your creations for the 16″ divas. I’d be the first in line to purchase. I haven’t received my copy of FDQ for this month yet but do look forward to your article.

  2. This is fantatic. Modern is so in. I love the colors and the shpes.

    You use colors so beautifully and you mix shapes wonderfully. One’s eye always has somethigng to look at.

    Another winner. Marsha, Enchanticals

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