I’ve created so many suites of furniture in the last  2 -1/2 years, it seems almost impossible  to pick a favorite. However, I can pick one that I think was really fun to create  because of the colors and fabrics used. This room,  is “The Den”.

The Den, was a very popular designated  room in 50’s/60’s decor. Described as a ” small or secluded room” in a house or apartment,  the den served as a  less formal, comfortable place to relax and unwind.

Here are two depictions of the same room. Both in popular colors of the day .

In Aqua, modeled by a  gorgeous redhead Silkstone whose coloring compliments the room perfectly:

This view with the room divider moved to the opposite side:

And, here is the room in Raspberry. My model is Agnes Von Weiss from Integrity Toys, wearing a Silkstone Barbie fashion.  Doesn’t she look simply scrumptious in here?!

The creating of this den, also marks one of the first times I used a room divider to set the scene. Since then, you may have noticed room dividers in one form or another in many of my vignettes. They are one of the most useful, eye-catching ways to add dimension and interest when designing a room .

Here are some more room dividers for your viewing pleasure.

In all shapes and sizes, conventional and unconventional ways, room dividers not only serve a purpose, but can be fun, colorful and enjoyable!