Gene Lives on with “Life Style”

Sad to say the Dream is over for our gal star “Gene”, but, for collector’s she will remain a favorite for years to come.

Knowing that there will be no more new issues of Gene and pals, no more new clothing, no more new adventures, I was inspired to create a world for her which carries on in a way that enables us to enjoy her over and over again.

 If our favorite Star were to leave Monolithic Studios and recede to private life, might she need somewhere to relax and enjoy just being Gene – normal, every day gal next door? Why YES , yes she would!

From Welcome Home furnishings , this One Of A Kind Diorama was made with a future for Gene in mind. “Life Style” shows you how you can continue to enjoy your Gene and friends in a new dimension, a new outlook, a new place for her to shine!

With moveable walls and furnishings, this new wave of options offers plenty of display and photo opportunities to collectors who want the full experience of enjoying their dolls.

Separate  the two walls to make one room into two! :

Divide the sofa set and flip the wall art to create a totally new look! :

A closer look at the details shows that Gene knows how to live !

This special OOAK set is already SOLD, but I did want to share with all of you, for inspiration, for fun and for knowing that the end is not here when it comes to enjoying our Gene dolls or any dolls for that matter.

Furnishings and set decor greatly expand the minds’ image of our dolls and adds dimension to our collecting.  I hope to bring that idea to you through my work and my designs.

Have fun with your dolls. Create a world that’s all their own!

“Where does YOUR doll live?”


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