“Mid Century Modern Cocktails”

Hello Everyone!

In celebration of the 2010 Barbie Convention, I have created a special,limited edition suite.

“Mid Century Modern Cocktails”

Celebrate with your MadMen dolls in style! This fabulous MCM style living area includes the following:

Mid Century Modern Sofa – Gorgeous,era appropriate upholstery in shades of blue, pale blue, gold and brown with two silk accent pillows.

Gold Acrylic Wet Bar – A glimmering mirrored piece with clear acrylic legs and ornamental felt flowered front. Stunning! (accessories not included)

Room Divider – MCM scroll work – Great accent piece that stands alone.

This setting is perfect for your MadMen collection as well as vintage and contemporary fashion dolls!

Debut price – $175.00 for the set. (shipping not included)

With your purchase get a *FREE* cigarette set, which includes 5 hand-made cigarettes, ashtray and cigarette holder!

“Where does *YOUR* doll Live? ”

This set is limited. Please contact me for availability: SOLD OUT !   Thank you !


If you are attending Barbie Convention,see the original display – walls, floor and all, on display in Hilda Westervelt’s room!
And now, introducing Note Cards!

A beautiful, thoughtful way to communicate with your friends!
“Welcome Home” and “Bellissima-Couture” have teamed up to bring a little eye candy at your fingertips. Send Salutations, Gratitude, and Thoughts with these original photos.
 Note cards come in assorted packs of 5 with 5 envelopes. 3 different views!
$10.00 per pack.

Contact me to order:


Enjoy your dolls –  Collect, play, and have fun!


2 thoughts on ““Mid Century Modern Cocktails”

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  1. Hello my friend:

    I want the set. Monday I can send the paypal . please tell me there is one 🙂 for me. The last one was wonderful and I need a side table for the phone



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