Backdrops – Scene Maker, or Scene Stealer?

Ok, so I just finished making some back drops for a friend of mine. It’s obvious that I love nothing more than to make a scene, photo, or diorama look as real as possible, so I set to work trying to decide on some type of backgrounds that would be possible to make, and also be versatile in their use.

The Paneled Wall – This is a traditional, classic look in a lot of homes. It can be dressed up, or dressed down as the case may be.  The design I made is simple, however, it’s quite time consuming because of all the cuts and measuring and preciseness of the design.  This particular one features a faux fireplace.  I chose ivory as the color since it is a neutral and will go well with any thing you put near it.  Ivory is also less glaring than white, and when photographed gives off a more subtle, subdued look.

Here is the piece by itself:

Here, with one of my favorite models!

And now, with some simple furnishings –

And if you have a slightly taller doll than Barbie – It works just as well –

Hot pink against that luscious cream? Fabulous!

For a less formal look, how about sliding glass doors? This piece is perfectly suited for natural light! It can and should be used near a window for the best effect, but it also looks great when photographing at night. The crackled glass shows just as well. 

I gotta tell you that this is a two-sided piece, not only for stabilization, but for professional looks as well. So, it too is time consuming with its double  frame and gold trim both in the window and along the inside of the frame.

I made a curtain rod and rod holders at the very top of this piece. This make it flexible for the owner to make his/her own drapery which in turn will give the space a multitude of looks!

Here is the piece by itself:

Here it is with drapes!

With a gorgeous model ! –

And, with furnishings –

I do admit that I love how well the backdrops bring scenes to life, and excite the senses when we look at photos of our dolls !  I am unsure sometimes, if  I am more excited over the doll being in the photo or the furnishings – LOL.  I am a huge fan of architecture, decor and how we surround ourselves with pieces that reflect our personalities! I love the idea of creating a miniature world for my dolls and sometimes, yes, I  admit, that they live in a way that I cannot.

Back drops add so much dimension to a scene! It makes you look into the photo rather than skim across it.  For a designer like me, I wonder sometimes if the back drop makes the scene, or steals it? I mean, yes, it brings the subject into focus. It leads your eye to look at more than just the main object. It somehow makes what you are trying to convey, real, and in the moment. So, be it scene stealer or scene maker, it provides it’s service well.

This brings me to a bit of a dilemma that perhaps you can help me with. I am grappling with the idea of  making some of these for sale.  The problem being, as I mentioned, time consuming and rather tedious. Would it be worth my while to offer something like this to the public? And, if so, how much would it be worth to you?

I welcome your input. If you would like to email me privately, please use this address:

Outfits for models provided by: Bellissima Couture, Integrity and By Shane


21 thoughts on “Backdrops – Scene Maker, or Scene Stealer?

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  1. Oh my, they are both gorgeous, Maryann, but my jaw dropped over the sliding doors. Amazing!! Your backdrops don’t even need any dolls, lol! They are perfect.

  2. I always love backdrops, but my only request is that some of them be made to fit into the glass IKEA shelving which alot of us have.

    I know most are made for bigger shelving, but if you do one here and there that will fit then I’d be happy!!

    These 2 are both gorgeous. I love that the fireplace is built in. Then we can add a picture to make it more real. Can I ask what the wall is made of? Do we have to ability to hang pictures on it?

  3. Both are lovely, though I like the glass just a bit better maybe because it’s less formal and that’s more me. I’m always amazed at your rooms, they are so realistic, oh, and the colors are always fabulous.

    Is there such a thing as a beginner’s room and would you consider doing some articles showing us how to do something simple ourselves? I don’t have your skills, but I’d like to try a room myself.

    Thank you for giving us these lovely backdrops for our dolls to live in.

  4. Both backdrops are great and I love both. I hate to think about how much this would cost because I would honestly need both to do something a little different with each. In the case of these two backdrops they are clearly scene stealers and I love it.

  5. Ok. I was all set to say “scene completer” but after seeing these, I have to say “SCENE STEALER” as the amazing detail and the amount of work that goes into each piece immediately draws your eye to it!

    One needs nothing else in a scene with craftsmenship like this!!!

  6. I really LOVE both of the backdrops that you have displayed! I would say that if they are displayed alone, they certainly are scene stealers. If you add some of your enchanting furnishings and beautiful models, they are scene MAKERS. Either way, no one can lose…..they are simply works of art!

  7. Your work is phenomenal. To add a backdrop is to perfect perfection! My vote – scene maker! And I an determined that I will own something created by you no matter what I have to sacrifice. I know that sounds bad, but I look forward to seeing your latest creations and I can’t help myself. The last photo (with the window and white chair) is a place I would like to be, sitting in the light and reading a great book. Very realistic and dramatic… Please continue to share!!!

  8. I love the paneled backdrop! I would be very interested to buy one (or more). I honestly don’t know what to tell you about the price, you’d have to decide what makes it worth while for you to spend time making.

  9. I love both backdrops and would purchase them in a nanosecond. Would you consider the following alterations? I’d like to see the fireplace mantel much deeper on the paneled backdrop. A deeper and wider mantel will add more depth and dimension to the “room,” making it look that much more realistic. I’d also like to see the mantel raised to almost shoulder-level. I don’t think I’ve seen any mantels where one can rest their elbows.

    Regarding the glass panel, I’d love to see the panel’s height raised another inch, so that there is more glass to view above the doll’s head when photographing her.

    I agree that these backdrops, though more tedious and costly to make, are much more effective because they have a sumptuous and realistic look.

    Thank you for creating these fun pieces!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your comments. The back drops are just that – They are not meant to be a realistic fireplace or actual silding glass doors. I made them specific height considering display and photographic possibilities.
      Fireplace mantels come in all sizes. Ours actually is elbow height. 🙂 These are just my opinion for looks. 🙂

  10. Everything you create is gorgeous and so chic. The sliding doors are edgy and unique.

    I really got nuts over your lamps. You make the most wonderful lamps. People don’t realize it, but a lamp can ruin a room.

    I love the wood floors too. Both are fantastic.

    Marsha, Enchanticals

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