“Say Cheese” !

One of the skills I love to  work on while creating in miniature is trying my darndest (is that a word?) to make the space look  REAL.  Yup, not miniature at all, but like an actual, honest to goodness place where human beings could live. I understand that it’s all part of my love for interior design and architecture. But, somehow it’s easier in this smaller scale.  And, since I am making all of the surroundings and furnishings myself, it’s great to have everything at my fingertips to arrange just how I like it.

My husband caught me taking these pictures this afternoon, while the natural light was fading. As he strolled by he said : “Say Cheese!”, which of course got a chuckle from me.  He knows how intent I am about my work, and he also knows how serious I can be when I’m working.  This little moment in time when I was reminded not to take myself so seriously, helped me remember why I love doing what I do. It’s fun ! It’s exciting!  It’s branching out from all that I have learned and putting my talents to good use.

I hope for a few moments, you too, will look into this room and forget your troubles, or whatever worries are currently on your mind. Just imagine a place of solace, relaxation and content.

Enjoy the moment!



7 thoughts on ““Say Cheese” !

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  1. I love this set too – the colors and details are really lovely. I love the plant in the little crystal ball base. Would totally love to lounge and read a magazine in a room like this :).

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