RUN! Don’t Walk !

With my most recent work behind me, I decided it was time for a little doll play. I am usually so busy working and creating new furnishings, that when a new doll arrives here, I have to put her aside until I have some free time to  take her out of the box and enjoy her.

Well, I did just that this weekend. Doll of choice – Monogram Magnetism.  This gorgeous doll was created  as a special exclusive for Chelsea’s Collector Cottage in Australia. I had been eyeing her for some time, but it wasn’t until I saw her for on sale that I decided to nab her!

I am so in love with this gorgeous creature! Can we say enamored even? LOL  I think you will understand my obsession with her once you see all the photos I’ve taken. She look fantastic in just about everything!  This is for two reasons – First of all that spectacular mane of shiny copper hair!  And second, her green eyes lidded with gold!  This color combination makes it possible for the doll to wear a variety of hues. Not only does clothing look good on her, but place her in area surroundings with jeweled tones and watch her come to life!

A little obsessive with the photos here, but where better to showcase them than ones on blog?

Click on each photo for an even larger view.

So…See what I mean ?  🙂  If you are looking for a new doll to add to your collection, you might just want to add Magnestism. I believe she is a limited edition of 300 world-wide, and she is on sale right now at Chelsea’s Collector Cottage for $149.99.  Run ! Don’t walk !


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