“Scene Setter” – *NEW* from Welcome Home !

Hello Everyone –

I am both excited and pleased to offer you something entirely new from Welcome Home!

“Scene Setter” is a fabulous FREE STANDING set featuring a window seat and clear acrylic table.
The window seat is incorporated into a wall, just like a life-size window seat would be. Faux glass windows let in light and help create the illusion of the outdoors. A gorgeous tufted cushion,in pale aqua silk,lines the seat and is joined by 3 colorful toss pillows. The window is flanked on either side with wall space ample enough to hang a clock, photos or other wall decor.

The clear acrylic coffee table is trimmed in copper! This adds a professional finish as well as a bit of whimsy. The table is both long and wide enough to accommodate plenty of accessories.

See it bring your dolls to life!
Your new “Scene Setter” will provide hours of diorama and photo opportunities as you add furnishings, accessories, and dolls and create a room of your own! The possibilities are endless!
“Where does YOUR doll live?”

Debut price: $140.00 for the set – shipping is separate and will be calculated at the time of your order. (Table accessories not included)

“Scene Setter” is being offered on an ORDER ONLY basis, and will require a deposit of $50.00 with the rest due at time of completion. Delivery time will depend on the number of orders I receive. Approximate 4 week wait is possible.

Actual product may vary slightly, as all of my items are hand made.

Please email me with your requests. I will take orders as long as possible, or until I become overwhelmed! LOL
Thank you so much for your continued interest and support!

No more orders please. Thank you!




6 thoughts on ““Scene Setter” – *NEW* from Welcome Home !

Add yours

  1. ACK! I just love this newest offering! I am getting one to use with your last backdrop, the sliding glass door. I think they will look incredible set up at right angles; like a real Mid-Century Modern room! Sign me up!
    xo Hilda

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been wanting to order your furniture because I think they’re perfect for my Poppy. I do not see any email contact here though. Can you let me know how I may be able to get in touch with you? I love this set and wondering about its dimensions as I would like to put in my ikea curio cabinet. Thanks!

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