Fun Saturday Post

My nephew, Nathan, stopped by for a visit today.  He’s the creative type who always wants to know what’s going on in Auntie’s work room. When I showed him my latest creation ( the window seat), he asked if he could do a little “decorating” of his own.  Uh, far be it from me to squash a young visionary!  – Sure, I said – Go ahead!

He took the window seat and started adding to it by taking pieces from my work shelves.

In the begining –

It needs some dolls Auntie:

He chose the dolls and how they should be positioned, as well as how the gal on the sofa should be reading a magazine.  Heh,heh,heh

Well, wadda ya think? –  He poses with his “creation”.

“Auntie, can I add more?”   Go ahead, said I.   : )

All stops pulled out, he enlarges the room by moving the screen  further to the right and adding more seating.  He also decided more “people” should be enjoying this room, including the young man in the suit.

(Notice how the coat needs to be draped on his shoulder – this kid doesn’t miss a thing!)


How do ya like me now Auntie?

Nathan – I adore you!


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  1. He has a good eye doesn’t he? I think he learned some great things from Auntie..looking good Nathan, and he is a sweetie pie!! love that kid!

  2. Hi Nathan 🙂 I really loove your wonderful displays 🙂 You are so creative! I think your Auntie Maryann is such a sweet & talented lady! I hope you have fun on your visit there. Sending Hugs from Australia to you & your sweet Auntie Maryann, Mandy & Lionel-The-Lion. XXOO

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