*My Suite Romance*

I never know what might inspire me at any given time, so that is why I leave my “creative eye” open at all times.

About a month ago, I was doing some supply shopping and came across some material that I fell in love with. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I had to have it!

Last week, on one of the doll boards that I frequent, there was a post requesting photos of your Integrity Monogram dolls. These are my current favorites when it comes to fashion dolls, so I added my pics. to the post. After seeing everyone elses wonderful photos, I realized there was one of my Monograms that never had much time in front of the camera.  When I picked this doll off the shelf for some play time, I was so taken by the platinum tresses and rose-colored lips I thought – She must have a room designed just for her!

So,  I retrieved the previously mentioned materials for use in the room and here’s what happened – “My Suite Romance”  (Click on each photo for a closer look!)

The set was inspired by this doll :

She’s a re-rooted “Black Party” monogram doll, expertly rooted by my friend, Susan Korba from Canada.  Here she shares the spotlight with her original incarnation:

Although this set was inspired by a Monogram doll, its theme and scale are equally perfect for other 12″ fashion dolls as well.  Here, my favorite Silkstone Barbie takes her place in the new surroundings:

The sofa is made from a gorgeous red tweed fabric, and the chairs, a pale blue/green floral cotton. Both materials have a vintage look and feel to them, while still reflecting a retro look, so popular today.  The shape of the chairs and sofa are reminiscent of the work decor designer William Haines did for Hollywood stars from the 1940’s – 1960’s.

The coffee table is made from the coolest glass green acrylic! The original 2 piece design is all mine.

Yet another piece to this romantic set is the Room Divider which I have placed at the end of the main wall.  As fashionable today as it was 4o years ago, this piece is painted cream and has multiple shelves to house treasures and collectibles.

A standing lamp with petite floral ribbon shade complete the romantic mood.

This is the part where I usually tell you how much I am selling the entire set for.  But, this collection (My Suite Romance) is being offered by the piece. This way, you can choose the piece or pieces you would like –  a mix and match type of thing!

Choices:   Sold Out !  No more orders please.  Thank you Everyone!

My Suite Romance Set : Includes –  Red upholstered Sofa with 2 toss pillows,  Room divider, 2 upholstered chairs, green glass acrylic table and standing floor lamp – $215.00

Sofa with 2 toss pillows:  $70.00

Floral Chair: $40.00 each

Acrylic Table: $25.00

Standing Floor Lamp: $15.00

Room Divider: $40.00

*Note – No other accessories included *

Ordering – Prices do not include shipping, which is a separate charge according to where you live. I accept PayPal, personal check or money order. Since material is limited, I can only make a few of each piece. Orders will be taken on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact me with your requests .

Sold out!


Many thanks in advance!



2 thoughts on “*My Suite Romance*

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  1. This is fabulous. I love the red family color palette and that coffee table it to die for.

    You amaze me everytime you design and create something.

    This is another winner, Marsha

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