The Roy’s get a new bedroom !

Hello All !

Recently, we added on to our home. My talented hubby (a  “Jack of all trades”) did all the construction! I did all the decorating. 🙂

The new kitchen was completed last year. Those photos I posted before my blog, so you may or may not have seen them.

Just yesterday, we completed our new bedroom. I thought you might like to see the results. After 24 years of marriage, I finally wanted to have an adult bedroom. No more miss matched bed linens or out of date curtains. No more  make do furniture. Just nice,  simple and restful. Here are the results.

Coming up the stairs:


My own window seat ! ( The views across the street are of a horse farm!)

Full left side wall showing built-in closet and cabinet:

Far corner houses a vintage chest of drawers that previously belonged to my Mother in Law:

Sweet pillow!

Closeup of my very “grown up” sculptured carpet!

So, that concludes my little  tour of one of our brand new spaces! Hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into my real world in comparison to my miniature world. Now, I must get back to work so I can pay for all of this!  LOL


4 thoughts on “The Roy’s get a new bedroom !

Add yours

  1. Guest room? New master bedroom?

    Very lovely, Maryann. I have the same dresser! Same style and same knobs — mine is quite small, and very cute. I love the idea of a bedroom nestled within eaves. So cozy!

  2. Dearest Maryann 🙂 This is soo beautiful!! Absolutely perfect decorating & I wish my Hubby would get motivated! LOL!
    He is on 5 weeks holiday & is going to paint the hallway soon!
    I have always wanted an Attic bedroom 🙂 Is it?
    Loove it!! Hugs always, Mandy 🙂 XX OO

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