“Behind the scenes “

“Welcome Home” furnishings was honored to be asked by the Integrity Toy Company to create sets, backgrounds and furnishings specifically for their doll line!

You may have seen these sets in relation to recent releases of the Poppy Parker Doll, Nu Face and of course the main Fashion Royalty line.

I thought it would be fun to share some early preliminary “test” shots that I took of the sets as I built them.  See if you recognize these rooms !

Building Poppy’s living room – preliminary (how it started)

Chair test – Trying out the “butterfly” chairs. Since this was before Poppy was released, this is my stand in for size/scale:

Sliding glass door with drapes – test for scale – length – texture:

Drapes open:

Sofa side of the room w/hanging lamp and stone wall:

Chair side of the room with art work on the walls:

An “Evening” look at the entire living room:

Building the Bedroom:

Rebuilt mirror – glass implied:

Settled on the round scalloped mirror w/white knobs for the dresser:

Nu-Face “Industrial Loft” – I was provided a photo of a real (people sized) industrial loft.

This is my miniature version.  Luchia stands in for scale:

Check out these air ducts!  I was so proud of this!! Unfortunately, they could not be included in the shots of the dolls because of cropping.

“Cement” floor added:

More recently, with the release of the Monogram dolls and Convention dolls, you may have seen these backgrounds:

Paneled doorway:

Paneled fireplace wall:

Well, that’s a little peek “behind the scenes” of my work for Integrity. I hope you enjoyed it.

 You can see Poppy Parker, Nu-Face  and all the Integrity dolls by going to:


Furnishings and decor bring so much “life” to your dolls, and Welcome Home is proud to offer you the best !

“Where does YOUR doll live?”

Welcome Home !


7 thoughts on ““Behind the scenes “

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  1. I love seeing behind the scenes! One of these days I want to try making Poppy some furniture, but don’t fear, I won’t compete with you. My first love are the dolls themselves, but I have wanted to dabble in miniatures since the 80’s. Now that I’m retired, I want to put my miniature English doll house together and try some doll furniture. Thanks for the peek.

  2. Aww, Maryann, that’s all so glamorous! I’m in love with Poppy’s living room. White is my fav color for rooms and that stonewall is totally hooking me. Did you made it by hand or is it a wallpaper?
    I remember well the Industrial Loft used in previous FR lines and adored it from the first sight.
    The paneled walls are so perfect for the Monogram dolls.
    Hugs from Switzerland

  3. I saw this right after admiring pics of Poppy’s Apartment and the NuFace Loft. I already visited your site and had no clue you were responsible for these. wow!

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