The Posh Penthouse – Get your READ on !

This Posh Penthouse is brought to you by Welcome Home and original pieces  from the Mattel Danish modern furniture collection!

The current issue of FDQ, themed “Rareties” gave me the opportunity to utilize some of my favorite vintage pieces of furniture. Made in 1958, one year before the introduction of the Barbie, Mattel made some fantastic pieces of realistic furniture for then very popular 10″- 10 1/2″ fashion dolls.

I used the pieces in my own artistic way.  By making new cushions, and adding some accessories, I repurposed these pieces for a very modern “posh” looking  place to call home.

Here are some photos from the article that I think you will enjoy:

There are more photos and of course , the entire article about the Mattel Danish Modern Furniture and The Posh Penthouse in this issue of FDQ!  If you’d like to own a copy, log on to:

Doll magazines are collectors relaxing escape and wish books for our collecting future. Yes, it’s true a lot of information and buying and collecting does take place on the internet now, but there is nothing like coming home to a new issue of your favorite magazine, perusing the photos and reading the articles while lingering over a warm cup of coffee!  It’s your “down time”, your chance to spend some time with yourself , appreciating your hobby, enjoying the photos and even learning a thing a two. Knowledge is power! In these stressful economic times, don’t forget to spend some time taking care of things close to your heart. For few dollars an issue, you can enjoy some beauty, learn something new, and revisit old favorites.  Put a doll magazine like FDQ on your Christmas list and see where the adventure takes you!


6 thoughts on “The Posh Penthouse – Get your READ on !

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  1. Really too marvelous, M… The exterior/interior views are fantastic, and I bet those images will look great within the FDQ layout.

    ‘Rareties…’ Great idea for an article. The Mattel Danish modern pieces are so wonderful — every vintage Barbie or 11 12″ fashion collector is surely saddened that they are not in scale to their dolls. But your custom doll, here, is indeed just the right size!

    Beautiful images, and as always, FDQ is lucky to have you on board!


  2. I just found the Mattel bed for sale and I was so excited to see your article in FDQ. I’m not the best seamstress in the world, but I’m definitely going to try some new bedding. Thanks for the inspiration!

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