The Welcome Home Studio Apartment !


 Pod Living the way only Welcome Home could do it!
This two room structure features a totally modern living room and galley kitchen. The perfect place for your favorite diva to reside.

The living room boasts a colorful palette in tones of coral, cream and a dash of green. The large window lets in tons of light by day, and features working drapery for privacy at night.
Modern furnishings are stylish, and comfortable.

The galley kitchen is a bright, refreshing space where friends like to gather. It features a free standing “glass block ” room divider and island with acrylic seating! Cabinetry and walls are painted aqua and cream.

The Welcome Home Studio Apartment is  not only a fabulous place for your dolls to live, but provides endless hours of  diorama play and photo opportunities with your favorite  divas.

The two rooms are separate displays and walls may be moved to your liking! This special feature allows you to have the choice of purchasing either the Living Room or the Kitchen or both!

The Living Room comes with two walls. One that features the window with drapery, the other, a painted wall with two pieces of art. The furnishings include the tufted one arm sofa with pillows, cushioned accent chair, and acrylic side table. (No other accessories included.)

The Kitchen comes with two walls. One with cabinetry (does not open), the other is the free standing “glass block” wall .  Kitchen island and two acrylic stools are also included as well as the starburst clock!  (No other accessories included)

Each set is being offered at $185.00 plus shipping. A $50.00, non re-fundable deposit will confirm your order.  (Kitchen measures 16″H x 12″ wide/divider 12″x12″.  Living Room measures 16″x16″ – all sizes are approximate. This may differ depending on how you want to set up your apartment)
Poppy is modeling the studio apartment for you, however, it is compatible with all 12″ dolls.  Just think of the hours of enjoyment these sets will bring, as well as endless photo opportunities for you camera buffs! 

To see other dolls modeling the studio apt. click on my Flickr account:

A limited number of sets is being produced.  As all items are made by hand, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.     SOLD OUT!  NO MORE ORDERS PLEASE

To order, please email me at:

Tips for decorating your new Studio Apartment!

Now that your gals have a fantastic place to hang out, you may want to accessorize and add your own personal touches to the new place.

Here are few suggestions:

Floor space – White certainly makes the room look bigger. If you want a white floor in the kitchen, simply use a piece of white foam board. A white floor in the living room is easily obtained by using some white faux fur as a rug.  This can be purchased at your local fabric store.
Other suggestions for floor space might be vinyl tile, wood shelving, scrap book paper, etc.

Accessories – I LOVE accessories! They are like the “jewels” of the home.  You may want to use some plants in the new kitchen. Use some small plastic vines to create the plants you see along the very top of the cabinetry. These can be found at any craft supply store.
To make that cool MOD light in the Living Room,  spray a round styrofoam  ball with Elmers spray glue.  Drop it into a freezer bag with sparkle glitter. Seal and shake, shake, shake!  Retrieve the ball with a toothpick and let dry on a piece of paper towel. Fashion a piece of wire for your light to hang from and insert into the ball. Then, hang the “light” from the room divider or any where else in the room!

Use your imagination to add other items that you like. Move the walls and furnishings around to get the view and setting that YOU like!



10 thoughts on “The Welcome Home Studio Apartment !

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  1. Your creativity and inspiration never ceases to amaze me! This reminds me of the concept of Barbie’s New Dream House, with the re-arrangeable floor plan, but better 🙂

  2. Wow times a million! Love the colors, furniture, textures, and just everything! I am so jealous of Barbie! The best part is that its modular. Awesome and so inspirational!

  3. I love this studio apt. The colors are great. It’ so nice to see you starting the New Year with such enthusiasm! Love it!

  4. Hi, is the firts time that i comment in your blog, and i love your work, love your dioramas and this was undoubtedly one of the best!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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