Barbie Travels !

One of the first articles I did for Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine (, was about Barbie and her many travels in the early years of her inception. Being a high fashion model meant Barbie needed to travel the globe and look her very finest at all times!  Her wardrobe reflected this, as did many of her accessories. Here is  a look back at the photos used exclusively for that issue.

A rare, dressed boxed American Airlines Barbie

Close up of the Dressed Boxed Doll

“Aboard Ship”

“Commuter Set”

“International Fair”

“On the Go”

“Open Road”

“Outdoor Life”

“Roman Holiday”

“Roman Holiday” purse accessories

Travel Cases

Front of the “Barbie Goes Travelin’ ” case

Back of the “Barbie Goes Travelin’ ” case

Inside,  a perfect place for Barbie to sit

My personal favorite of all the Barbie cases – ” Travel Pals”

“Around the World” Veiwmaster reels – a fantastic look at Barbie and friends in 3D!

Wardrobe pamphlets showing  Barbie travel costumes

Vintage models and clothing borrowed from the private collection of Pat McGovern.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Diane says:

    Love the “Barbie Goes Traveling” case!! The graphics are my favorite!! Is that particular case hard to find? I wish Mattel would create a reproduction of it like they did with the Dream House. I also love the rare Barbie/Skipper Equestrian case!!

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