Welcome Home presents, a truly unique, one of a kind opportunity!

“LUXE” :

Glamour at an all time high! This one of kind suite features twin, extra long sofas covered in vintage brocade satin. The colorful floral print has subtle shades of mint, coral, blue and gold, giving them a soft, inviting look.  Not over powering at all. The legs are clear acrylic. 

Each sofa includes silk pillows in green and coral satin .

 Behind the sofas, slim tables, (painted poppy orange) house glimmering crystal lamps with coordinating  double-sided shades.

At the center of the room , a floating mirrored coffee table, reflects light into the space and gives it that luxe edge!  Glass vase filled with crystal beads and  aqua buds is displayed in the middle.

Tall and stately in the room is the FREE STANDING grand fireplace, painted satin ivory against a pale aqua wall. Over the fireplace, a large wall print made of the same material as the area rug and perfectly tying the two together.


Views with a doll:


 A stunning presence in all respects, this LUXE set is the ultimate in decor for your finest fashion dolls or your love of miniature design.

This one of kind opportunity is being offered at $400.00 plus the cost of shipping  SOLD !

(mantle accessories, floor and outer walls not included)

Approximate size of the fireplace wall is: 16″ w x 20″ h

Please contact me for availability or any questions: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Payment by PayPal (fees apply on this set), personal check or money order.


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  1. This entire set is perfection. I’m wanting to add some new furniture to my collection and am watching and hoping for more like this in the future. I also admire the mirrored pieces that you’ve done in the past.

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