Re-dressing for De-stressing !

 Sometimes the busy days of being a Mom, Wife, and running a business, get me a little frazzled. I like to de-stress by having a little fun enjoying my doll collection.

I recently came upon a Lalka doll on Ebay. A very artsy type gal, which was my initial attraction to her. “Lalka”  means THE DOLL in polish, in case you were wondering.  She resembles dolls from days gone by – Bild Lilli, Hong Kong Lilli, vintage Barbie and a host of other clone fashion dolls from the 1960’s.  She’s artfully hand painted and clothed, and when I saw her, I knew I had to have her! 

I finally had a little time to work with my Lalka and knew you would enjoy seeing the outcome.

To my liking, I also found that Lalka could wear lots of  doll clothing that I already had. From mommy made items, to generic knock offs, Barbie doll clothing as well as some couture designs from talented seamstresses I know. This delighted me. Lalka did not have to remain in one outfit at all. She could  be dressed and re-dressed and regardless of her non articulated body, could take on personality and charm by the mere outfit she wore and the way I photographed her.

 Here are the photos from my day with Lalka. 

A place to “Live” :


Lalka in “Barbie”:

A BMR cocktail dress:

Sylvia Campbell’s version of  “Dinner at Eight”:

Swanky sweater top by Liz Cole,  generic velvet capri pants  and Barbie sunglasses:

Lalka wears Marirose jumpsuit and Bellissima Couture scarf:

I love collecting Fashion Dolls.  The term “fashion doll” for me, means any 12″ – 16″ feminine model from the 1950’s to present day that evokes grace, beauty, style, and personality.

When I choose a doll to add to my collection, she needs to call to me for one reason or another. Hair, makeup, attitude, they all play a part. Sometimes though, I look at certain dolls as an art form. These are dolls that may be  hand painted,  or sculpted, or have their own certain  way about them.  I like to add these fashion dolls as a piece of the story.  When you look at my collection, even though each doll has their own differences, you will see a common thread among them.   They reflect my taste, the way I look at things. Colorful, beautiful, sometimes intense, sometimes whimsical.  It’s all part of enjoying and taking the time to enjoy.

Lalka was so much fun to photograph! I took lots of photos, so, I invite you to see the rest of the pictures from this photo shoot on my Flickr page:

Enjoy your dolls!

Maryann 🙂


4 thoughts on “Re-dressing for De-stressing !

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  1. She is awesome! I love her softer resemblance to Lilly with the fit of Barbie
    You li’l enabler you!

    1. Thank you Danielle. 🙂
      The “mommy made” fashions are not by me. They really were made years ago I’m guessing, by some body’s Mom, since the ones I have were found in collections that I purchased over the years.
      Me sew?! LOL

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