Calling Cissette

I was never inclined to look at dolls that had a child-like appearance in an otherwise adult body.

The dolls I collect are definitely women, with no adolescent features at all. To the contrary! My dolls were high fashion, divas, who could carry the look and personality I was trying to convey when posing them, dressing them, or photographing them for one of my articles.

As it happens, I love all kinds of dolls. I don’t necessarily collect them all, but I like to be well read and informed about dolls because you never know what you might come across in your hunt for the ones you DO collect!

Oh yes, I was aware of  Madame Alexander dolls. As a matter of fact, I do own a 21″ Cissy doll. But, that’s the extent of my M.A. collection. Until recently that is.

I am most comfortable, (I guess you would say) with the smaller, 10-12″ dolls. Most of my collection is made up of 12″ fashion dolls.  However, as I do have a love of mid-century modern and retro things, I am also on the hunt for items that fit into that category.

My furniture pieces, for example, are a take on MCM and Retro designs. I think it only natural that I look for those particular types of dolls  to fulfill my need as models for said furniture.  This is also a ruse to expand my collection of course. : )

My second, and let’s face it, third, fourth and FIFTH look at Cissette helped me see her in a different kind of light.  You know how we doll collectors will do that -( Look at a doll many times, thinking – should I go down yet another road? ) Yes, she did have the baby face thing going on, but I saw something more in her.  Cissette was “born”, if you will, in a very glamorous time . When ladies dressed for all occasions, even everyday things like grocery shopping.  Always with the pearls and the lipstick. Ready to go at a moments notice. Never a hair out-of-place.

I decided that this gal might be just perfect for some of my “Welcome Home” surroundings. Yes, yes indeed. I could maybe tweak  her make-up just a little  to help her appear a bit older. I could even dress her in just the right clothing, and perhaps pose her in ways that implied she was a woman who knew what she wanted.  I think I can. Yes, I know I can!

And so, here is my first adventure with a 10″ Cissette.


 My adventures with Cissette?  To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Calling Cissette

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  1. I think she looks great Maryann!!! I am always falling in love with new dolls. I also do love Madame Alexander. I think the child like faces are cute and work well in certain diorama ‘s. You sure did achieve a classy adult look with your Cissette.

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