Photo OP ! Still Loving Barbie…

It is true that I am an avid collector of the “fashion doll”.  I have a great affection for those dolls, because they look like models and have a certain aire about them. This could be anything from the vintage 21″ Dollikin, to the more petite 10″ Cissette.  I even refer to myself on the boards as “mannequinmaven” –   That just about sums up how involved I am with my dolls.  Dressing them as you would a store mannequin. Posing them in the most realistic ways. Using them to showcase my furnishings. It’s all relative.


Like most doll collectors, I have my favorites. (Notice that’s multiple ). I have a favorite in each size as well as era when it comes to my dolls.    There are some dolls that I reach for time and time again, when using them for sales or a magazine assignment.   Play time or down time, is no exception. I use my favorites for just having fun with the camera and my furniture pieces as well.

While I grew up with the TNT and MOD era Barbie dolls, somehow I am much more taken with the elegance and style that is the Silkstone Barbie!  Mattel really hit the nail the head with this one!  Not only are the silkstones reminiscent of the original Barbie doll, but they have a  fresh new attitude about them that makes them equally competitive with the modern-day fashion doll.

My favorite among them is the Fashion Editor Silkstone.  (And if you know me personally, this comes as no surprise) 🙂

I actually have 4 of these beauties, hair set in different incarnations of course, but they all have their “jobs”  with me.

Today I had fun photographing my favorite of the 4 . Prior to the release of the Mad Men dolls, I was quite anxious to get my hands on a Joan Holloway !  Of  little patience am I, so I re-styled  one of my F.E.’s to resemble her. And, she  was my  first choice to show off some clothing from my personal collection.


Wearing  “Bogues Vogue” :


In “Famaka” :


 Darling in  “Retros” :


Captivating – “Bellissima -Couture”:

 It’s no surprise that I am choosy about what my dolls wear.  I always say that my dolls have to work to earn their keep around here, so naturally, they have to dress the part.  I’m sure you want your dolls to look their best too.

These artists sell their beautiful clothing online .   This is how you can reach them:


“Bogues Vogue” – email:



“Famaka”  – email:



“Retros” – email:



“Bellissima-Couture” – email:


For OOODLES more pictures from this photo shoot, check out my Flickr page !


And don’t forget – Welcome Home is now on Face book too !


*Furnishings showcased coming soon! …







5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful room, doll & fashion. You have such a great eye for elegance. Thanks for the links Maryann. 🙂

  2. MJ says:

    She is just stunning Maryann. Always look forward to your entries.

  3. Enrico. says:

    Hi, these pictures are very cute. You sell to Brazil?


    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Enrico. Yes, I sell all over the world. 🙂 If you would like to be on my First to Know List for sales, just send me your email.

  4. Dollies says:

    Gorgeous pieces. Really love the Retros, casual but still very elegant.

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