William Haines designed this stylish seat with modern-day glamour in mind!  Curved back and sleek tailoring make it the perfect place for your “Hostess” to sit! It is purposely designed as a low piece, allowing it to show off your doll in the most regal manner.

 I first attempted these chairs in my article on William Haines style in FDQ magazine (2008).  The shape and construction were a bit challenging to get just right in miniature, but, as you can see, they make the perfect accessory  all by themselves!

Price : $65.00  per chair + shipping.

Limited to only 10 pieces.  Choices are as follows:

Ivory – (2 )      Gold – (2)    Turquoise  – (2)     SOLD OUT !!     Only  2 Camel  left ! (no tufting on these)

Please email me for availability – welcomehome@maryannroy.com


For inquiries and availability: