As the one woman show of a  miniature set design and furniture business, I don’t get too much time these days to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies – Fashion Doll Collecting.

However, there are occasions when friends of mine, (who also collect dolls) and I, can get together and enjoy some much-needed  camaraderie. 

This past Monday was one such occasion. I had created a little set display in case anyone wanted to take photos with their dolls.  As it turned out, my friend Vin, did just that. I’m sure these pictures will turn up on Flickr, or Facebook, and so on.  But since the set was still on my work table as of today, I thought I would take the opportunity to photograph one of my newest acquisitions.  Yet ANOTHER Lilli Lalka from the UK !  This brings my small, but gratifying collection of these beauties to 4. But, that does not mean I’m done! – Heh,heh

I was delighted to see that Lilli Lalka fit right in to her surroundings.  I hope you enjoy these snaps from my photo shoot today.  It was refreshingly  inspirational for me as I gear up for another big project!

Welcome Home – “Where does YOUR doll Live” ? 



Lilli Lalkas are periodically found on ebay:

“Wiggle” Dress by Hilda Westervelt: Bellissima-Couture:

Set design and furnishings – Welcome Home, of course!


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