Making choices

When I am working on a set design that has more than one living space, it’s easier to concentrate on one area at a time. Keeping in mind what the space might be used for, color palette and flexibility are tops on my list.  I love having choices !

Focusing in on the living area of this set, I began at the window. Because of its size, it will have the most impact in the room.

Finally – My drapes!  I mentioned before how I was dying to use this fabric.  It has a large pattern,  which as a whole does not work when designing in miniature, but it works here because the space has height and width.

Already having my main colors as staples in the room, I chose complimentary colors for the  furnishings.  I knew I wanted this area to look a bit eclectic, keeping the 60’s theme in mind.  I wanted it to be young, fresh and lively !  Enter the color palette – DELICIOUS !

Color does not intimidate me.  In fact, the more colors I can mix and match in a space, the more exciting the outcome will be.   My choice for seating was to be two sofas rather than the traditional sofa and chair.  I wanted options, and wrestled with myself as far as a color choice for the two.

LOVED the vintage silk in salmon! So warm and inviting and era appropriate and follows my color scheme!  BUT, the gold fleck glitter knit screams 60’s and is such a fun fabric!

Two sofas give me lots of options. I could use just one sofa  to make the space appear even larger, and easily add chairs later. OR, I could use two sofas and make the area look like one large  space for entertaining.  Oh, but the color…Which would it be?!

As I was trying to decide, I thought what are the rules when designing? Is there any set rule that says I can’t have BOTH colors?  Well – no, there isn’t ! Because design is an opinion, and this opinion is mine!

Yup, you guessed it!  One of each!

When I designed these sofas, I was looking for a touch of glamour. I wanted the space to look feminine as I imagined a couple of single gals (stewardess maybe) inhabiting this apartment.  Yet, even though there is the tufting on the seat cushion, I kept the backs simple and casual so that the look did not get too stuffy.

We definitely need pillows, and so here enters the rest of the color!  Pillows, are a must have accessory and one of my favorite things to make!

I made the coffee table and side tables circular, because it plays off the rooms’ sharp,  square, angles.  Again, wanting to keep the room light and fresh, I painted the tables cream and brushed them with gold giving them a French Provincial look.

The rooms accessories (lamps, pillows, table accessories, wall decorations) are next.  This is my favorite part of decorating my sets because it pulls the whole room together and completes my vision. These are the “jewelry”  in the room.

My signature lamps:

Some wall art.  I did again wrestle with which one of these would work best.  Believe it or not, the flocked leaves look brilliant on the wall because it reflects the drape pattern in just the opposite colors and looks great against the blue wall!   However, the gold metallic won out because it’s softer and picks up the gold from the tables.  You may see that leaf pattern hanging on the wall in the future though.

And so, here is a peek at the finished, be jeweled, color combined outcome !


And, a colorful night time shot:

Stay with “Welcome Home” for the continuation of “Executing a set design” as I move on to another space in the apartment.   The finale will have a photo shoot with dolls, showing the impact that furniture and decor have on bringing your dolls to life.

“Where does YOUR doll live” ?

Welcome Home!


*Welcome Home is a registered-trade mark business. Welcome Home is an independent company and is not affiliated with any other toy company.

All photos, furnishings, set designs, text and ideals are that of the artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be used or copied without written permission.


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