Diorama Photo Contest ! Get published and win a FABULOUS prize!!

Hello Everyone!

This issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine includes my article about working with “Gems & Jewels”  jewelry store in Australia.  The owner of said store, Suzy Allan, has invited all of you to try your hand at displaying your dolls in a diorama setting along with human scale jewelry.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for those of you who love photographing your dolls to get published and win some fantastic prizes!  

Copies of the FDQ CRAFTS issue are almost gone ! In light of this, I am posting the rules for the contest here, because we’d love EVERYONE to join in the fun!  Please remember that ANY doll, regardless of size, can be used in this competition. The main thing to remember, is that they must be displayed in a diorama setting incorporating jewelry. 

The rules as published in the magazine:

Submit your entries via email by FEBRUARY 14TH (Valentine’s Day) to FDQ via email or digital upload and a panel of judges will vote on the best photo! Winners will be published in the April (Summer 2012) edition of Fashion Doll Quarterly.

What we are looking for:

* High quality photography concepts

* Excellent propping and styling (no stands, no messy hair, no out of focus shots)

* Clever use of human-sized jewelry in the set design or used as decor

* Set incorporating backgrounds and furniture (yes, it can be Welcome Home products)

* Dolls can be any size you are comfortable photographing

* Participants grant Fashion Doll Quarterly the right to publish their photo for promotional purposes in the magazine as well as possible promotion within Gems & Jewels store

*Submit one photo per concept. Do NOT send multiple variations of the same shot. If you shoot more than one concept, identify each with a different title. Up to three different submissions are allowed per person

All entries should be submitted to: editor@fdqmedia.com

 Files should be a minimum of 4″x6″ at  300 dpi, or 20″x30″ at  72 dpi. Make sure to name your file LAST NAME.TITLE.jpg

Provide contact email, full name and mailing address.  If your file is RAW or tif, email us for the upload information to FTP your photo to our website. 



The first prize is a doll shaped charm crafted by Gems & Jewels  and valued at $675.00 !!


 (Choice of charm will be chosen by Owner, Suzy Allan)

For inspiration, here are some photos from the work I am doing with Gems & Jewels :


Second prize is a $75.00 gift certificate from Welcome Home where you can purchase anything from home decor to accessories to back drops and all the fabulous surroundings that bring your dolls to life!

Third prize is a copy of Fashion Doll Quarterly’s :  IN FOCUS – Digital Photography for the Doll Collector A “must have” hand book for those of us who want our doll photos to be perfection!

And, don’t forget, your photos will be published in an upcoming issue of a national magazine – Fashion Doll Quarterly !

While I am not allowed to participate in the contest, I would like to offer my support and encouragement by giving you a few ideas .

Think of the jewelry in a different light.  Not as jewels at all, but perhaps:

Bracelets can be used as a frame surrounding a round mirror

Brooches might  be used  pillows on a sofa

Use large dangle earrings as wall art

Cluster stud earrings in a bowl for a table centerpiece

The sky’s the limit !  I know  how creative some of you are and I’ve seen the proof in the photos you’ve shared with me over the years.  I am cheering  for you all 100% !  A contest like this has never been done before. It’s your chance to join in, be a part of something BIG, win a fabulous prize  and take your doll collecting to another level !


*Contest is open to everyone – world wide!

Best wishes!



Like us on Face book!

Welcome Home: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Welcome-Home/269046949778490?sk=wall

Gems & Jewels : http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Gems-and-Jewels/163847493713927

To get a copy of the FDQ CRAFTS issue, go to: http://www.fdqmedia.com/

*Set photography by Phoebe Morley: www.pmorleyphotography.com.au

*Charms photographed by Greg Karslake


*Welcome Home is a registered-trade mark business. Welcome Home is an independent company and is not affiliated with any other toy company.

All photos, furnishings, set designs, text and ideals are that of the Artist/Owner, Maryann Roy and may not be used or copied without written permission.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kersten says:

    Oh my! That white dresser in the middle “inspirations” photo is gorgeous! Did you make it? My girls would have a knock-down, drag-out fight over that one!!!


    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Kersetn – Thank you ! Yes, I made all of the furniture in that photo. I drafted the pattern myself for the dresser! You just might see this in the future. Perhaps in another color ! 🙂 Hope you are entering the contest! Best wishes!

  2. Hi Maryann,

    Love the contest. It is so much fun !!! I finished my first photo and am working on two more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigredangel/6692299997

    Melissa 🙂

    1. maryannroy says:

      So glad you are enjoying this Melissa! Good luck!

  3. Mad for Mad says:

    WOW, these pics are beautiful!!!!!

  4. marta says:

    Hello from spain, the picture of the doll on the bed with jewels and who sits surrounded by pearls are quite extraordinary. I hope you win the first prize because the quality of your pictures and make your taste deserve it. Will monitor the competition. Keep in touch

    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Marta,
      The photo you are referring to is not in the competition. These photos are included in the my article about working with Gems & Jewels store. They were taken by professional photographer – Phoebe Morley. But thank you for the lovely compliments. I hope you do follow along!

  5. Marsha says:

    Your dolls and their rooms looked spectacular in FDQ. You were the hit of the magazine. The jewels paled compared to you. Marsha, Enchanticals

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