Wall Art and Room Dividers ! *NEW EXCLUSIVE from Welcome Home !

Hello Everyone!                              

Welcome Home is both pleased and proud to announce a  new product that will not only enhance your dolls’ living arrangements, but make them look even more realistic than ever before!

One of my favorite elements to add to a room is texture. You can get this effect from many different sources – An art piece, material, carpet, etc.  But I think there’s nothing more appropriate, when creating an exciting space, than to add a room divider, folding screen or some type of wall design!

I have recently been working with a manufacturing company to bring you the following beautiful panels which  have multiple uses and can be utilized in many different ways!

Introducing my very own line of miniature Wall Panels and Room Dividers !

There are four patterns to choose from, and two different sizes.


Moorish Circles :  A familiar 60’s design but also has a contemporary look.   Shown here as a full wall design. Full wall panel measures 16″h  x 20″w : 

And here, as a full wall divider: 

 Moorish Circles also come in smaller size panels which are perfect to create an entry way or  room screen!  Small panels measure 13″ h x 6″ w :         











 Chinese Squares – A very mid-century modern design that I have seen used in life-size homes.  I am very excited to be able to bring this to you in miniature!    – Full Wall Panel examples:


  And here, showcasing the smaller panels as wall ART ! :



Tree of Life:  A beautiful design with classic elegance!  These come only in the smaller size panels : 13″h x 6″ w:


Sprayed in gold metallic!

Floral Note   – Designed by Me!  This floral tribute is a nod to the flower power era!  Leave it white, paint it wood tone or make it POP by painting it multi color !    




As you can see, the versatility of the pieces are numerous!   Along with use for room settings, they might also be used on their own as a back drop to photograph your dolls!

To create a  screen or room divider with two panels, simply use double sided tape to stick them together. Since the tape is not permanent, this will allow you  to use the pieces over and over again in many other ways.

The panels are made of plastic and will come in WHITE. They are durable, light weight and can be sprayed any color with paint made specifically for plastic.   

AND, I am proud to say that these pieces are made right here in the USA !!


Pricing is as follows:

Full Wall Panels – 16″ h x 20″ w   = $40.00 each  – Styles available – Moorish Circles and Chinese Squares

Small Panels – 13″ h x 6″ w – (sold in pairs only) = $35.00 a pair – Styles available – Moorish Circles, Chinese Squares, Tree of Life and Floral Note


* Please note  –  Because I will be ordering these directly from the manufacturer, payment is due upon my invoice.   These pieces are being made specifically to that order, so  please be sure of your style choice and quantity when you place your order.

Shipping will be approximately 3 weeks from the time I place the order. Shipping costs will be calculated according to where you live. I will be shipping these flat, parcel post, to keep shipping costs at a minimum.

Please email me to order: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

See more photos of the panels with dolls on the Welcome Home FLICKR page ! :



*Welcome Home is a registered-trade mark business. Welcome Home is an independent company and is not affiliated with any other toy company.

All photos, furnishings, set designs, text and ideals are that of the Artist/Owner, Maryann Roy and may not be used or copied without written permission.


8 thoughts on “Wall Art and Room Dividers ! *NEW EXCLUSIVE from Welcome Home !

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    1. Thanks Megan! Sorry – these would definately be too big, unless you used one 13″x6″ on it’s side as a wall partition…
      I thought there were similiar panels in 1:12 ?
      I would always welcome another 1:6 scale miniature lover! 🙂

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