I never really collected Francie as an adult, nor did I have a Francie as a child. Some how though, the idea of a totally MOD doll has always intrigued me.  Yes, I did have a Casey doll growing up. I remember the day I picked her out of the line up at the local Mammoth Mart store! She was SO GROOVY!  I don’t know if our local department store never carried Francie, or what the reason was behind my never getting one. In fact, I was never even aware of Francie until I became an adult collector !

Working in furniture design often challenges your ideals about certain eras and how decor should look for a particular one. MODERN might invoke images of stark-ness or cold, uncomfortable design. But, that is not necessarily so!  For Francie, MODERN means colorful and bold as well as comfort and style!

Robert Best, designer from Mattel Inc. has recently designed a delightful Silkstone Francie! She, along with the original Francie house (case) from 1965 have inspired me to do an updated version of where Francie is living today.

As you can see, it is colorful, bold and inviting !  Shown below with the alternate room divider panel in different positions:

Charming as ever, in a vintage Francie suit, this latest version of Barbie’s cousin, shows us a thing or two about MODERN living! :

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