“Decor Dimensions” – Coming Soon!

You may know that it’s my intention with “Welcome Home”, to bring another dimension to your doll collecting world.

I strive to do this by continuing to offer original furniture designs and sets that will bring your dolls to life !

Having just created two gift sets for auction donations, that required making a room in a box (so to speak), it occurred to me that if I could find a box large enough to accommodate an entire set design, this might just be something that all of my fellow collectors could truly appreciate.

There is so much to tell you and show you with this first set, that I wanted to post some of the important details before all the ‘eye candy’ photos.  I know it ‘s hard to concentrate on descriptions when there is so much to look at ! 🙂

This particular suite has touches of French Provincial design.  Because the sofa is low and narrow,(made specifically to fit in the box) this set will best accommodate Silkstone Barbie, Vintage Barbie and similar sized dolls like Lilli or Francie.  

It is so versatile, that you can create literally dozens of decor settings just by changing out pieces and walls, using the accessories or by adding personal touches of your own!  I will be showing you at least 4 ways of using this one set !

There are some lovely accessories with this set, including a painting done by Me ! (Ah, bet you didn’t know I can paint too! )

All of this and more comes in its own, acid free, archival box which color coordinates with the furnishings and can also serve as a wall for your set design !  Everything in the set can easily be packed away in the box and stored under a bed, in a closet, on a shelf  or in a drawer.  And because the box is sturdy, you can travel with it as well ! – Say to a friend’s house for a fabulous photo shoot with your favorite dolls !

Stay tuned …


7 thoughts on ““Decor Dimensions” – Coming Soon!

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    1. Hi Lena,
      Yes, I have a plan in the works for another set – different color and furniture scheme though. There’s only so much one person can do! 🙂

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