On the go interior design with “Decor Dimensions”


For those of  us who love our dolls, interior design, and creating a space for your dolls to ‘live’ in,  I’ve designed a suite of furniture that can be set up, put away or travel with you in an instant.  – All packaged in a sturdy colorful box, that doubles as storage as well as wall space !

 “Decor Dimensions” enables you to create a world for your dolls to be enjoyed, photographed and shared with others.  It’s perfect for those who may be limited on display space because this suite of furniture fits neatly into its own box and can be stored when not in use.  The box measures only 4″ high and about 15″ wide, so it can be tucked under a bed, stored in a closet or even a drawer when not in use.

 I’ve designed this set with versatility in mind, from the double-sided credenza to the moveable walls and by adding components that match each other, yet look great on their own !

 The Red Deluxe set includes: 

* Display wall in pink, featuring a large window with diamond-shaped patterned “glass”.  A beautiful compliment to the red box/wall ! 

* Sofa in nubby caramel brown dupioni with two rose silk pillows. 

* Credenza in cream with metal embellishments on the front panels.  The credenza also DOUBLES as a low bookcase or shelving unit when turned around. Two looks in one! 

* Accent pieces for use throughout the display include: 2  books (covers vary), 1 topiary, 1  plant, table lamp and 3 trinkets. 

* Coffee table – painted in a rich red/brown with painted gold trim leg accents. 

* Floral Note Room Divider in white.  A fabulous addition to any room !  Dividers add interest and focal points.  This one is my own design ! 

* Wall Art – A hand painted (by Me!) impressionist wall painting of red, pink and white flowers.

 All of these pieces combine to make numerous settings by simply moving walls, pairing pieces or turning things in different angles.  It’s like getting 3 different set designs in one!

 There’s  a lot to see, so let’s get to it! 

Here are a few possible incarnations of the set:









Here’s Barbie, showing you how perfect the atmosphere is !

The credenza is also a bookcase/shelving unit when turned around !  Lots of storage space for your favorite accessories.


If you so desire, turn the pink wall on its side so that the window is vertical.  This leaves ample wall space to showcase the wall art.  This too can be hung vertically, as shown with our lovely model, here:

For more choices, utilize the inside of the box, which is white, and readily goes with everything!  The depth of the box allows for more floor space and plenty of room to showcase several dolls at once !

Sunlight playing through the window, gives the most realistic of views to this set !

 * This set is best suited for Barbie, Silkstone Barbie, Francie, and Lilli  sized dolls.  Here we see Lalka inhabiting this lovely space !

No floor is included with this set, however, it  is simple enough to achieve just by setting up your display on a shelf, a wooden table, granite counter top or any number of surfaces. Choose a complimentary material to use as a carpet for the room!  Yet, another look all together. 

Set this up by a sunny window and watch the light play on the room.  A realistic way to photograph with your dolls! 

One of the fabulous elements to this design is that it can be set up any way you like it!  Add accessories or use other furniture with the structure.  Integrate another color by the mere addition of pillows and accent pieces!

 The possibilities are endless and your dolls will look like a million !









 Debut price:   $ 260.00 per boxed setLimited to 5 sets    SOLD OUT !!

 Shipping is not included. Shipping costs are calculated via usps.com according to where you live.  

Payment via Pay Pal (no e-checks).

No Holds on sets . 

Please email me for availability : welcomehome@maryannroy.com


*Welcome Home is a registered-trade mark business. Welcome Home is an independent company and is not affiliated with any other toy company.

All photos, furnishings, set designs, text and ideals are that of the Artist/Owner, Maryann Roy and may not be used or copied without written permission.


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  1. UhMaZing! I love what you did with the credenza/bookcase, ingenious! So smart to flat pack all of these scenes, I’m getting you had no issues shipping these gems. Absolutely fabulous!!

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