Do YOU have the Golden Ticket ?!

Barbie Convention 2012 is fast upon us and I know how much you are all looking forward to some great fun and spending time with your doll buds !

This year, a GOLDEN TICKET ceremony will be featured at the Bon Voyage party. The first of its kind, attendees will  have the chance to win a fabulous One of Kind creation donated from 20 talented artists.

Miniature Couturier, Hilda Westervelt had a marvelous idea for her donation . Inspired by the theme for convention (The Grand Tour), a “State Room” would be the perfect setting for a one of kind gift set offering. 

Hilda asked me if I would like to join her in creating a special presentation for the Golden Ticket ceremony.  Without hesitation I took to the task .  I always welcome a chance to work with Hilda. Her vision of how your doll should be dressed is nothing short of perfection!

Here is our contribution to the event :

A travel style box transformed into a beautiful State Room for a lady’s travels.  Features include:   Luxurious bed with flowing aqua canopy. Beautifully tufted mattress that lifts up to reveal a storage compartment for clothing and accessories.   Two stately club chairs upholstered in a vibrant floral pattern – perfect seating for our lovely occupant. Plush white carpet – so inviting ! Vase of colorful poppies on a clear acrylic table adding some spice to the room!  – So much more here to explore ! 

Our gorgeous traveller is none other than Barbie !  A #6 Lingerie Silkstone with customized hair and make up by Maryann Roy .  Always the consummate model, Barbie is dressed to perfection in a wardrobe fit for a princess!

Hilda Westervelt, of Bellissima Couture designed 4 delicious outfits for Barbie to travel in ! 

Colorful Capri set:


 Divine brocade dress and coat ensemble:




        Gorgeous “Moulin Rouge” two piece :


On the town floral sheath w/straw hand bag:



This spectacular gift set, can be yours, IF you have the GOLDEN TICKET!


To learn more about the Golden Ticket opportunity and see other donations go here:

More details about Barbie’s travel wardrobe from Hilda Westervelt, Owner/Designer – Bellissima Couture:  

 Maryann Roy, Owner/Designer – Welcome Home Furnishings and Set Designs:

 Welcome Home is a registered trademark business. No part of this blog or photos may be used without permission.


7 thoughts on “Do YOU have the Golden Ticket ?!

Add yours

  1. Wow, I wish I could be there to see it in person, or better yet, win it. It is fabulous. Wouldn’t it be neat if we still travelled like that? You are both very talented.

  2. Totally chic and perfect for the consummate Barbie collector!!!
    She is gorgeous beyond belief with her perfect wardrobe,
    accessories and state room!!!
    Wish I could be there and better yet – WIN her!!
    Best Wishes dear friends!

  3. Im hoping one of my tickets is the winning one .I already decided im throwing all twenty I have in the pot hoping to win this jackpot set .

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