Decor Dimensions – Part II !

For those of us who love our dolls, interior design, and creating a space for your dolls to ‘live’ in,  I’ve designed another suite of furniture that can be set up, put away or travel with you in an instant.  – All packaged in a sturdy colorful box, that doubles as storage as well as wall space !

 “Decor Dimensions” enables you to create a world for your dolls to be enjoyed, photographed and shared with others.  It’s perfect for those who may be limited on display space because this suite of furniture fits neatly into its own box and can be stored when not in use.  The box measures only 4″ high and about 15″ wide, so it can be tucked under a bed, stored in a closet or even a drawer when not in use.

This newest set, plays off the brown of the storage box and combines blue, gold, pink and creme for a very stylish, versatile suite that will compliment any doll ! It features furniture with simple lines that allow the decor, your doll and her surroundings to shine. 

As with my last boxed set, this set can also transform into many different looks. This time, the sofa  is the center piece and comes with TWO sets of cushions which allow you to change the entire look of the room just by switching them out . 

Rather than a wall with a window, a “Tree of Life”  panel inserted on the accent wall brings light into the room .  Painted creme and gold it compliments the brown box perfectly.

A peek-a-boo style coffee table is also included and has a glass-green acrylic top.  Beautiful from either side, this is another piece that can be turned to your liking.

Of particular mention is the area rug. With its wonderful texture and colors it’s the perfect accent in the room no matter which set of cushions you use on the sofa.

Accessories are the jewels of the room. Included with the set are 4 pillows (two rose, two gold), floor lamp with rose silk shade, 3 wall ornaments, table plant and 2 books.

 All of these pieces combine to make numerous settings by simply moving walls, pairing pieces or turning things in different angles. 

Here are some of the many uses for this fabulous set. Be sure to click on the photos for a better view :

Brown /Blue cushions:  This set of cushions features two pillow back with button center. A delicious marriage of color here !




Burnt Gold:  These cushions feature a bit of luxury with tufted back and seat ! Rich silk dupioni  is the material of choice. Nothing but the best for your dolls !


There’s no rule that says you have to use all the pieces with each set up.  Mix it up and play. Use your imagination. Add your own accent pieces. Combine the cushions.  You get to decide just how you’d like your room to look.

Here is  Victoire Roux enjoying some of the spaces ~



 Remember, the box is not only a perfect wall, but all of this lovely decor fits inside for easy storage !

Set this suite up on a shelf, a table, counter top or near a window for fabulous photo opportunities !  

Debut price – $260.00 per boxed set :   LIMITED TO 5 SETS        SOLD OUT !!

 Shipping is not included. Shipping costs are calculated via according to where you live.  

Payment via Pay Pal (no e-checks).

No Holds on sets . 

Please email me for availability :


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