After a stretch of work, like the one I just had preparing for my last sale, I usually need to take a little down time in order to re-energize, shift gears and take a break from so much thinking!  I’m sure a lot of you feel like this from time to time. 

One of the ways I like to decompress is to have a little “play time” with some of my own furniture. It’s instant gratification to be able to pull out some pieces and put together a room in no time, and then to photograph it as it stands or add a pretty doll to the scene.

There is a method to my madness though. Each stage from the choosing of the furniture to the click of the camera is all therapeutic for me.   And when I do this, for no reason other than to have fun, there’s no pressure. There’s no dead line, there’s no worries. This little room can look how ever I want it to look. And that makes me smile. As mentioned – Instant gratification!

I need this little bit of down time between projects to remind me that I should enjoy the fruits of my labor once in a while too.  Working all the time is no fun even if you do like your job!

So today, just for a little while, I put away the work and played – and it was fun – and so, I’m sharing. 

I hope you enjoy.


 With one of my favorite models – Fashion Editor Silkstone:

Silkstone’s FABULOUS outfit by Elizabeth Cole – Retros :

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