“Let there be Light !”

In the spirit of Welcome Home’s Anniversary Celebration, I am continuing to design and develop new items that will bring life to your displays.  You saw my first multi-functional set with sunk in style living room in ” The Essentials”.  

One of my favorite ways to bring a realistic view  to my displays is light play.  I am a big fan of natural light and you have often seen me use my full-scale windows as part of my sets. It gives the most accurate view of my designs as far as color and gives you an idea of what the pieces might look like in your own home.

Light gives different views and sets the tone or mood in a room.  My quest for realism in miniature always includes some type of light or lamp. They are the jewels in any room.  Now, Welcome Home will be offering lamps that actually function !  I’ve enlisted the help of my techno-savvy husband to build a lamp based on the originals that Mattel offered with their Danish modern furniture and here are the results:

“Let there be Light ! ” is all about light and reflection. This ONE OF  KIND suite has features that bounce light all around the room and by the mere flick of a switch (lamp lights!) can change the mood or feeling! Mirrored pieces allow natural light and lamp light to reflect and sparkle.  A perfect opportunity to show off your loveliest dolls, and photo opportunities abound !

I have designed this set based on a gorgeous Hollywood Regency style room that I came across during my research for my upcoming sale.  The walls are painted flat white and brilliant yellow ! A little bold, but as you know,  I love color ! One wall has an architectural diamond pattern and the other a full wall window with drapery.  (Drapes are stationary and do not close).  The faux glass pattern of the window is also diamond-shaped to reflect the architectural wall.

Armless sofa is sleek and stylish with form fitted linen cushions in pale blue. Wood is painted black for a striking contrast with the walls. 3 floral accent pillows  adorn the seat.

A “floating” mirrored coffee table adds sparkle and modern glamour to the room. So lovely it needs only  minimal adornment  (3 copper vases).

The accent or side table is painted black like the sofa, with mirrored top. A perfect place to showcase the lighted lamp ! 

Lamp has push switch technology and is battery operated. There are no cords so this little gem could be placed anywhere!  Fabric shade has a whimsical gold leaf pattern and is translucent so that it lets lots of light through!

The room is tied together with this gorgeous ivory linen area rug that has shots of silver tinsel!  A subtle element of sparkle and yet another way to add light in the room.

View of the full set (size and set up) :

Possible furniture placement :

 Another placement possibility:

 How your doll will look with the set:

Possible lighting differences:

“Let there be Light”  a special One of Kind set reflecting 5 years of Welcome Home ! Debut price:   $ 320.00     SOLD !

Price does not include shipping.

Please email for availability : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

* Welcome Home is currently preparing for a celebration sale.  This will offer a host of items in the Hollywood Regency style – including some more innovative surprises!  Stay tuned !


Welcome Home is a registered trade mark business. All images, designs, furnishings, ideas, scripts, etc. are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy.  Welcome Home copyright 2007.

No part of this blog, including photos and text or furniture designs may be used or copied without written permission.


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  1. O.M.G…T.D.F. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (if we didn’t have so much human size furnishings to buy the next couple months…I would JUMP at this one!!!

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