This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to help out a friend and work a local doll show.  I’ve never sold at a doll show before.  But, I did want to help out AND I thought , what better place to be when you like to be surrounded by the items you collect and have a chance to chat with people who share your same desire and passion for collecting!

Though it makes me sad, I understand why Doll Shows are becoming a thing of the past. It’s A LOT of work preparing for the show!  Deciding what to bring, pricing your items, filling out paperwork, packing, hauling, travelling, the list goes on.   It’s no wonder selling via the internet is looking more and more attractive to dealers. 

HOWEVER, for US (Collectors) there is nothing like the  opportunity to see so many vintage toys and dolls in one place !  That high of finding the holy grail to add to our collection,  discovering a new toy or learning about a treasure that you’ve never heard of before.   Being there, in that atmosphere, seeing the sites and actually holding the item, is by far, the best way to acquire a new treasure!   Knowledge is Power! And the more you know, the more you will enjoy your own collection.

   These are wonderful people who devote their time to selling their wares and bring a little pleasure to our lives.  They have a wealth of information that they are happy to share with you if given the time. It’s hard work to put on a show, but if we continue to support our local doll and toy shows, – to show up – purchase a little something – or get involved, we might just keep these wonderful attractions alive ! 

Here are some highlights from the show that I wanted to share with all of you:

One of Dealers, Cindy Sabulis, Owner of “Toys of another time”, is also the author of several books on vintage dolls, including her most recent release:  Tammy – Rarities From Around The World . 

This is a gorgeous, well laid out book, with a wealth of information for the Tammy collector !

You can order this book directly from Cindy by going to the Toys of Another Time website :


I enjoyed My time at the doll show.  It was a new experience for Me. I met new people, gained more knowledge and information about My collection, and just had a great time being with people who enjoyed the same things as I do.  A Doll Show, no matter how big or how small, is definitely the way to this collector’s heart !