Feeling the need to create something new after a brief holiday break, I turned my attention to some of the smaller dolls in my fashion doll collection.

Standing at just 7.5″ high, but still every bit a fashion diva, my mini Hong Kong Lillis are a delight to design for , and so I decided that they needed a little (ha, little – get it?)  “Welcome Home” lovin’.

Most of my furniture sets these days include some type of back drop, wall or structure, and are intended for my 12″ dolls, so something more suitable for the little Lillis would have to be made.  At first, it was just going to be a painted wall, to which I would add a floor and some furniture, of course.

Then I came across some photos of vintage doll houses (another love of mine) which inspired me to create, not only an interior for the little Lillis, but an EXTERIOR as well.   And right before my eyes, this unassuming little back drop became a Home.

hse1 copy

hse2 copy

hse3 copy

hse5 copy

hse6 copy

hse8 copy

hse10 copy

hse11 copy

hse13 copy

hse15 copy

 hse16 copy

hse19 copy

hse20 copy

hse21 copy

hse22 copy

hse23 copy

hse24 copy

Some of you may notice that I’ve added yet another mini “Ken” to my collection. Isn’t he handsome ?! And such a rare find !

It’s refreshing to design in a different scale than I am accustomed to. It gives me a  new perspective on things.  Does it mean I’ve given up my 1:6 scale ways ? – Not on your life ! 🙂  But this was fun and a great way to start off the New Year !

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 Clothing for the models made by  – Liz Cole  for “RETROS”