House for Sale ! – Dream House Revived !

Barbie dolls’  first, 1963 Dream House, was basically a one room studio apartment. It was beautifully designed and constructed by Mattel, as one of her many accessories. Stylish and compact, you could fold it up and put it away in a SNAP!

Fast forward 50 years.  Even a cardboard house needs some remodeling by then!  

I am delighted to once again bring you a Welcome Home re-design of a vintage Barbie structure!


Presenting the newly decorated  DREAM House !  

Original Barbie Dream House interior :

IMG_2599 copy

Welcome Home transformation :

IMG_2509 copy

IMG_2474 copy

I really wanted the dwelling to have a glamorous look, while still keeping the integrity of the original structure in tact, so I chose colors that would blend well with the areas I could not permanently change.

Come in and have a look around !

IMG_2477 copy

IMG_2482 copy

IMG_2505 copy

Gorgeous new shades for the windows !

IMG_2506 copy

The look is very chic – almost French Provincial –  without being too stuffy !

IMG_2500 copy

IMG_2521 copy

IMG_2487 copy

IMG_2489 copy

The use of a full length mirror in the bedroom gives the appearance of more space and is a fabulous design element !  You will see its use in other photos as well.

IMG_2493 copy

Removable partition allows  you to view the bedroom :

IMG_2497 copy

A brocade fabric covered wall is the perfect backdrop for the bed. This is also removable and could be used elsewhere in the apartment !

IMG_2513 copy

All components of the interior can be easily moved and changed around – A ladies’ prerogative !

IMG_2524 copy

IMG_2514 copy

The look is serene. So peaceful in the early morning light too !

IMG_2472 copy

 This gorgeous transformation of Barbie’s Dream House is available for purchase.  The set includes the original Dream House structure, all pieces of furniture, additional walls/partitions, flooring and accessories.

It is a true One Of A Kind !  EXCLUSIVE to Welcome Home. Designed and created to capture your collecting nature as well as your heart !

The color palette I chose for the homes’ reincarnation is not only glamorous, but  calming and subdued.  This allows your dolls to be  showcased no matter what they are wearing

Allow these lovely ladies to show you how YOUR dolls might look in their new space :

IMG_2546 copy

IMG_2570 copy

IMG_2538 copy

IMG_2580 copy

IMG_2550 copy

IMG_2582 copy

IMG_2558 copy

IMG_2594 copy

“Dreamy”-   Dream House and Interior  – $ 675.00     SOLD !

Please contact me for availability :

(See below for photos of the homes’ exterior)


New additions like the window treatment, closet doors, vanity cover, and wall cabinets utilize the original way of constructing the house  and  may be made from matte board a/o embossed papers.

Shipping will be calculated for an OVERSIZE package /insured, and price will vary according to where you live.

*  – Shipping only in the USA and Canada on this set.  I apologize for any inconvenience.   Please inquire if you have someone in the USA to ship to.

Dream House in very good + condition. Handle in tact. Some light/normal wear . Still great looking for a cardboard structure that is 50 years  old !

IMG_2600 copy

IMG_2601 copy

IMG_2603 copy

IMG_2602 copy

  See my re-design of the NEW Barbie Dream House here:

And a Bachelor Pad for Ken here:

Contact Maryann at:


 ** Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. No part of this blog, writings, photos, designs or ideas my be used  or copied without written permission.  Welcome Home copyright 2008. **


22 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb says:

    Positively luscious. :3

  2. Pat says:

    Gorgeous! I wish I could fit inside myself!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Pat – Appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Vince Nowell says:

    I am dying! So beautiful!! I wish I had the money, because it would be MINE!! Congrats on an amazing transfomation 🙂

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks Vince – Knew you’d love this one.

  4. Charlie Stratton says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You’re so talented!

    1. maryannroy says:

      So nice of you to say – Thank you Charlie !

  5. Jan in Dallas says:

    Perfection! I had to wait until I got off from work to see this – I’ve been drooling all day thinking about it!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Jan – Glad you are enjoying it. Looking is FREE and so much fun to do, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. Maryann, this is marvelous. It takes the original Dream House to such a glamorous Beverly Hills level.
    Congrats on your creation and sale!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Lisa ! A little glamour goes a long way. 🙂

  7. Tori says:

    So clever! Great job 🙂

    1. maryannroy says:

      Appreciate it Tori – Thanks!

  8. Vin says:

    You’re killin’ me Ms. Maryann – K I L L I N’ M E !!!
    This is beyond DIVINE!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks so much Vin – Knew this would be right up your alley. 🙂

  9. ronptown says:

    OH MARYANN, THIS JUST BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!! There are not enough nice words I can think of to describe this!!! You really should be designing and selling HIGH END Apartments to 1/6 scale doll owners on a grand scale. Some smart toy company should snatch you up!!!! I know there are thousands of us who would LOVE something like this designed by you!!! The style, colors, furniture, the amazing accessories and of course your attention to detail make this something we would all love to own!!! You have brought back a NEW DREAM HOUSE. A NEW DREAM CONDO perhaps? Ron

    1. maryannroy says:

      Wow Ron! – Thank You for the lovely compliments !

  10. April Stone says:


    Once again you have outdone yourself!! Who would have thought “cardboard” would have been brought to new heights….Amazing!!!!

    April Queen of the doll era

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks so much April !

  11. bvisayc556 says:

    What a stylish pad, your revisited vision for Barbie`s Dream Home is a dream in itself. Someone is very lucky to have this in their collection, and I envy the hours of fun they will have!!!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Brenda ! Still need to get Matisse it’s own OOAK setting too ! xo

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