Isn’t it Grand ?

Hello, hello Everyone!

I have had numerous requests for my glass shelved wall unit seen in some of my photos.  I hesitated offering this piece because to make it in multiples is difficult and time-consuming. It’s a large piece and it needs to be spray painted out-of-doors, when the weather is good.  That’s touch and go here in New England, in February. Not good spray painting weather for a gal without a spray booth!   Thus my delay in debuting these new items to you.

That being said, I decided to make a few of these wall units. First, because I want to be able to offer you unique/original pieces and second because they really make such a wonderful,versatile backdrop as you are about to see.

The pieces I am offering here today are what I call “Grand” because they are lovely enough to make a  statement in any room !  

Pieces are limited – to 7  each

Please email me to inquire and for availability.

“The Grand Wall Unit”  – Measuring approximately 16″ h x 21″ w, this light-weight, hand-made piece showcases acrylic “green glass” shelving, 2 cabinet bases (doors do not open), and a neat recessed “lighting” feature.



You will notice that I cut small holes in the cap of the cabinet to accommodate lighting.  The wall unit is built purposely, with an open top feature. This allows all types of light to come into the cabinet. That means, if you place it in front of a sunny window, sunlight streams in through these holes and onto the shelves. If you place it in a lighted doll case or cabinet, the same effect with happen. AND, you can also use your own lighting to create a lighted fixture.  Because of the open access top, you can use small LED lights to create the neatest effects.

Here I’ve used 3 small pocket flashlights (sitting inside the well at the top of the unit) to create this look:


Here is an example with the sun streaming through the window in my work room . No other lighting, not even a flash from the camera:


And here are the mini flashlights again, this time with no room lighting or camera flash:


Recessed holes go all the way across, so you can use as many lights as you’d like to light the entire wall unit.


The center of the wall unit  was purposely left as an open space. This provides an area for you to showcase anything you’d like against that wall.  If you have purchased other Welcome Home  pieces from me, you may have the perfect addition for this space.  

Maybe you previously purchased some of my wall panels. These make a perfect addition to the space as is the case above with the turquoise  “Clover” panel  and below with the “Tree of Life” panel.



Because of the nature of my design,  instead of adding a piece of furniture to the open space, maybe you’ll add some lightweight drapes  and use the LED lights to create a WINDOW effect as I’ve done here:


The curtain effect is great, even without lighting !  It makes the wall unit appear as if there is truly a window between the shelves :


So many ways to display !   Also notice that I’ve added my “Floral” wall panel in the above photo for a little more whimsy in the room.  *  There are no holes to accommodate a curtain rod. I just cut a dowel to the exact opening and tension holds it in place. The curtain is a lightweight sheer material.

The Grand Wall Unit – Sold separately as shown above. No other accessories or furniture.

Price:  $130.00  –  (7 available)   SOLD OUT !

*Please note – The wall unit is a light-weight material with wood properties, but is NOT made of solid wood. 

“The Grand Sideboard” – I must say, that I am totally in love with this next piece !  I saw something similar, on a full-scale level made by a fabulous  furniture company in Portugal. (More about that in the near future). I just KNEW I had to make one for my dolls, and so, here is my interpretation of that piece .  I hope you will love it as much as I do !

The Grand Sideboard measures approx. 9″ w x 5″ tall.  The front has 4 mock doors (do not open) and is adorned with paper roses.  The tapered legs and slim styling – only 2 1/2″ deep, allows the piece to look modern and classic at the same time. The tapered legs are a first for me. I love the way they look and will most likely incorporate them in future pieces.

Here she is in AUBERGINE (deep purple) with pink variegated roses :



In IVORY SATIN with coral variegated roses:   SOLD OUT !


In IVORY SATIN with blue variegated roses:  ONLY 1 LEFT !sidebd2

“The Grand Side board” –   Price $75.00 each 

Please inquire for color and  availability .  –  Only 2  Ivory w/blue flowers available.

The following photos show the sideboards in a room setting.




Decadent Lighting is always a factor in a realistic looking room ! 

Here is a lovely “Grand Lamp” that you can add to your side board for elegance and style !


“The Grand Lamp” – Lamp stands approximately 4″ high, and has an ivory stain base with gold bar trim. The lamp shade is ivory embossed flock in a filagree pattern.  THE perfect accessory !

Price $ 18.00 each (limited to 7 pieces)  3 available      SOLD OUT !

Please inquire about your favorites at:


Shipping is calculated according to where you live.  Expect additional cost for oversize package on the wall unit.

And now, here are some BEAUTY shots that show how these pieces might look on display in your home !




See how the wall unit is used in my “This Girl for Hire” (Honey West) article, here:

*Welcome Home is a trademark/copyright business.  All parts of this blog, photos, text, ideas and products are that of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied for any reason.  Copyright 2008*


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