“Romancing the Orient”

*NEW – from Welcome Home!

“Romancing the Orient” –  A stunning example of how color and pattern can entertain and delight the senses.  This complete set of furnishings features all you need to spice up your doll display !

IMG_3044 copy

Let’s go inside and have a look around.

IMG_3053 copy

Vibrant, yet still classically glamorous, this set features TWO sofas, fully upholstered in a rich raspberry silk brocade. Its iridescent qualities reflect reds,pinks and a hint of blue!  The brocade pattern is one of cherry blossoms in pink, white and green-gold .  Sofas each have cushioned back and side pillows, and clear acrylic legs . Underneath, painted a whimsical pale turquoise !

IMG_3056 copy

4 Toss pillows also included – (Two  round co-co, one burnt gold, one pale aqua). 

There are two round wooden footstools for your dolls dainty feet ! Painted in metallic copper.

The “rug” is paper, in variegated blues and browns.

IMG_3064 copy

The sideboard features a free-style hand painting by Me. It too depicts cherry blossoms in hues of pink, white and green. The cabinet itself  is turquoise with brushed gold streaks and sealed in clear.

IMG_3072 copy

Let’s talk about the accessories  – A pair of  Wall Art “paintings”, and round glass vase with leafy greens are just enough  adornment  near the sideboard. 

IMG_3154 copy

Petite side table painted in burnt gold, plays host to the “jade” lamp !  Again keeping with the oriental theme, I designed the lamp using this carved jade green glass bead. The shade is a salmon colored linen with shots of orange as noted in the fringe. It’s THE perfect lighting accessory !

IMG_3083 copy

The “Tree of Life” wall panel is also included in this set, so that you can incorporate it into your own wall, or display cabinet. It has been painted gold. Makes a perfect wall ornament, or window !

“Romancing the Orient” is a Limited Edition Furniture Suite. Included are the following:

2  Fully Upholstered Sofas

4 Toss Pillows

1 Area Rug (paper)

2 Foot Rests

1 Side/Accent Table

1 “Jade”  Lamp

1 Hand Painted Sideboard

1 Round Glass Vase w/greenery

2  Wall Art -“Paintings” 

1 “Tree of Life” panel

Debut price: – $365.00  – Limited Edition –  2 sets     SOLD OUT !

Price does not include shipping, which is calculated according to where you live.  Please check my updated shipping policy here:


Please contact me for availability:  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

And now, here’s Barbie to show you how your dolls might look living  in “Romancing the Orient” !

IMG_3111 copy

IMG_3105 copy

IMG_3135 copy

IMG_3090 copy

IMG_3139 copy

IMG_3123 copy

*Welcome Home is a trademark/copyright business.  All parts of this blog, photos, text, ideas and products are that of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied for any reason.  Copyright 2008


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  1. Such gorgeous designs and the colors are luscious. So bright and perfect for spring. I really enjoy seeing everything you come up with. Just beautiful.

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