“Futuristic Glamour” – Space 2010

While I am working on new items for my upcoming Welcome Home sale,  please enjoy  the following article which originally appeared in Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazines’  “Futuristic” Issue 2010.

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“Futuristic Glamour”

“Space – 2010”

Text, photography, and furnishing by Maryann Roy


 For most baby boomers, when we think of  the term “modern” or “futuristic” we might think of the late 1950’s or the 1960’s.

Truth of the matter is, that the prominent  style of modernism, has been around since the 1920’s!  Architecture and interior design were moving in a new direction, and in 1932, an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, in Midtown Manhattan, New York , held  The International Exhibition of Modern Architecture. Trends that were stylistically similar were put together on display and it was here, that you could see the future taking hold!

 Today, we are still intrigued by what is or may be futuristic.  Why even looking at the written year 2010 seems futuristic to me, yet here we are living it!

 Moving forward in my own endeavors as a miniature furniture designer, I  thought I’d try my hand at working with mediums other than wood.  When I considered futuristic in a furniture sense,  I pictured glass, acrylic, and metals. At first this seemed like the results might end up being cold, and uninviting. But, since I was the one creating the future in my miniature world, I decided it did not have to be that way at all.

 I do feel that space , and lots of it, reflects my ideals of a futuristic home. White evokes space, and  so the walls and floors do that work for me. I also envision a lot of natural light in this home, therefore plenty of windows are a must!

 A tour of the home on these pages shows you how metals,  glass and acrylic can work in harmony to provide a truly delightful place to reside, be you human or vinyl !

 The futuristic glamour of these rooms, in a sense, not only projects what may be, but reflects what has been . By the same token, the diva who lives in this home is Mattel’s Fashion Editor Silkstone Barbie. She herself is a reflection of  her famous vintage counter part.

  And so, I invite you to take a peek into the future, for the future is now!


 Welcome, welcome! –  Step into the living area where you will find the most modern conveniences in comfort. A pair of laid-back sofas placed opposite one another, invite lengthy conversation and relaxation. Smokey grey acrylic tables, and copper  accessories dance with the light that abounds in the room.



Our hostess fits seamlessly in this elegant decor.


Two large rectangular windows, capped on the top and bottom by copper, reflect the light so beautifully, that they appear to be light boxes!   A  few minor, yet significant accessories like the clay pots, glass leaf arrangement and apple green throw pillows, add just the right splash to this room. Simple, spacious, and yet inviting.


A fine place to Dine! – This roomy, rectangular space, features a spectacular clear acrylic dining set!  The long, sleek table is surrounded by four chairs. Each chair has an elegant pale blue cushion for a softer look. The tricky thing about designing with clear acrylic is that it can appear as if it’s floating! So, a mauve colored silk rug was added to anchor this gorgeous set to the room.


 The ultra modern room divider was placed up against the large wall of windows for privacy as well as interest. It’s circular shapes reflect light on to the table for a spectacular effect!


Again, not many accessories are needed. A free form copper vase lends itself to silk flowers for a lovely centerpiece. Combined with the room divider, the two make a perfect backdrop for photo opportunities with our resident diva.



A Glitzy Sanctuary –  A lady’s boudoir. So feminine and chic! And, an exciting challenge for me to be able to design with mirrors!  Again, mirrored furniture, very glamorous, and seemingly futuristic, but, dates back to the 1930’s.  And, yet, you can find this glamorous look in stores today. So, why not take it with us to the future?


Mirrored furniture is truly stunning! And a few pieces go a long way. Mirrors tend to give off a silver sheen when photographed and that’s why these cool calming blue tones were used in the bedroom to play up the shine.

The wall length headboard is upholstered in the same fabric as the bedspread,  tying the two together. The glimmering night stands on either side of the bed hold glass based lamps adding further elegance and shine.

bed1 copy

 A simple white carpet covers the floor.

 Instead of a painting or something flat above the headboard, a sprig of wild flowers  was used as art work. It adds a  beautiful splash of color and dimension.

Our equally beautiful lady of manor agrees.



This is my interpretation of a futuristic home.  A matter of space and how you choose to define it.

So, you tell me…Is this 1939, 1969, or the year 2010?

Yes, the future looks very bright and inviting for our dolls, no matter the era.

Enjoy your dolls. Put them … in another dimension.

 “Where does YOUR doll live?”


  Maryann Roy is the Owner/Designer of  Welcome Home – Furniture and Set Design in 1:6 scale.

 email: welcomehome@maryannroy.com


* Welcome Home is a registered trademark business. All ideas, designs, furnishings, and writings are that of the artist Maryann Roy and may not be copied for any reason without written permission.  *


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