“Beautiful Blondes” …

Welcome to my “Beautiful Blondes” Sale !  

While not technically BLONDE furniture, which does come in several light shades of wood, todays items are meant to bring a little light to our lives and collecting spaces !  And so, the lighter shades of paint and upholstery are my way of  representing Spring and Renewal .

I hope you will find something you cannot live without  and/or a little inspiration!

When ordering please provide your zip code and if you would like insurance on your package.

I will answer all emails in the order that I receive them. 

A reminder that sale days do get hectic. I will get back to you as soon as possible, so please have a little patience.

All items are limited.  (Quantities noted).

To order email me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Thank you!


* BEAUTIFUL BLONDES IS NOW SOLD OUT ! –   I am leaving the post up so that you can enjoy the photos.  Thanks for your interest !

                                                               “Beautiful Blondes”

IMG_3599 copy

  Wall Units –  Back by popular demand !  These free-standing “perfect backdrop” units feature glass green shelves and the same built-in “lighting” feature as my last wall units.

Circular openings in the cap of the cabinet allow any kind of light to filter in. 

Overall measurement – 16″h x 20″ w. 

Choice of “Ivory Satin”   or   “Mirage” (pale blue/green) 

 Ivory –   SOLD OUT !                                   Mirage –  SOLD OUT!ivoryblue    





IMG_3616 copy

IMG_3523 copy

IMG_3641 copy

Tufted Sofa – Lovely,  slim sofa with cushions in “Pink Rose” taffeta .  This piece features armless styling. All the better to  show off  the glamorous tufting !

Blonde painted base with tapered legs and gold accent.

   –        SOLD OUT !sofa

IMG_3572 copyIMG_3602 copy












Accent  Chair – Comfortable and Inviting ! Fully upholstered chair with overstuffed cushions.  Blonde painted base and  tapered legs with gold accent. So Stylish !

Pink chairs feature faux leather arm rest.

Blue chairs feature blonde painted arm rest.

 Pale Blue Diamond –     SOLD OUT !                                                            Pink Floral – SOLD OUT !







IMG_3633 copy

IMG_3629 copy

IMG_3645 copy

MINI Wall Panels  –  Welcome Home is proud to present wall panels in a new size !  Only 2″ w x 5″ h .  These panels make perfect wall art or home decor accents !   Made of acrylic and easily hung on the wall with a little poster putty or miniature putty.

 Sold in pairs –  in WHITE only.   Customize to your liking and paint them any color you wish!  Panels  are easily  sprayed with paint made for plastic.

 Photos show an example of  how your panels may look in different colors.

 Choose from 3 designs (shown respectively )  

 “Dogwood”          “Rose ”        “Tree of Life”

Please specify your design choice when you place your order.

$ 25.00 per set  of 2     – PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR AVAILABILITY



IMG_3753 copy



Accent Table – Blonde, shapely accent table with unique “pleated” end! This hand shaped little beauty is a new design for Welcome Home. Tapered legs with gold accent and glass green shelf add to its charm.

Front embellishment in either oval or diamond pattern.  You choose. 

     – SOLD OUT ! accent

  IMG_3621 copy

 IMG_3633 copy

Coffee Table  –  Curves and angles make this coffee table the perfect accessory for your living space ! Blonde top with gold angled legs.  Topped with a piece of glass green acrylic. Modern, yet sophisticated !

– Sold Out !coffee

 IMG_3417 copy


 Accent Pillows   –   Always a must !  Toss pillows make your room look cozy and complete.  Finish off your look with a variety !

–  SOLD OUT !pillows


IMG_3433 copy

Please contact me to order and for availability.  


Prices do not include shipping costs. 

*When ordering, please provide your zip code and if you would like insurance on your package.  This will help me calculate shipping charges.

About/ Policies:   https://maryannroy.wordpress.com/about/ 


“Welcome Home” is a registered, trademark business. All ideas, text, designs, and photos, are that of the artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used for any reason.

Todays’ sales TIP :  I used a favorite piece of scrap book paper to create a screen for the center of the wall unit.  This is simple to do and can be changed out at any time, giving your room a whole new look !


                                                                      “Beauty Shots”

IMG_3537 copy

IMG_3602 copy

IMG_3646 copy


IMG_3746 copy

*All photos and text property of Welcome Home  2008.  Not for use or to be copied without written permssion.  







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    1. Not inappropriate to state that each new collection of items, as a suite or as accessories, becomes your ‘finest work yet.’ That’s because your creativity and quality craftsmanship evolve over and over again. Extraordinary.

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