“Suite63” II

Hello Everyone  –

Welcome Home is pleased to present another one of kind décor set featuring “Suite63” furniture.

Your doll will live the mid-century modern way in this up-town suite that includes a terrace!  Indoor and Outdoor living at its finest.

Oversized living area includes wall with built in planter, sliding glass doors, wall to wall carpet,  and plenty of room for guests .

The built in planter has a recessed lighting feature that allows light to pass through and illuminate the area.

The “Party sofa” is upholstered in a vintage, atomic pattern silk, in shades of pale coral with tangerine dots.  Lots of toss pillows in green, blue and pink add that POP of color !  Measuring 13″ long, this sofa will easily accommodate 4 or more!

Slim coffee table with glass green acrylic top, fronts the sofa.  And, even though it’s on the narrow side, there is still room for plenty of  magazines and accessories.

A delicious addition to the space, the accent Slipper Chair is upholstered in chartreuse taffeta, and can be moved at will when extra seating is needed.

Wall to wall carpet is a beautiful brown and aqua boucle. The perfect floor covering !

MCM style floor lamp features a woven cloth lampshade .  A wonderful accessory for either chair or sofa.

Large sliding glass doors lead out to the terrace where you will find a Herman Miller style chaise perfect for lounging on a sunny day. The chaise is upholstered in aqua and brown dot outdoor cloth.

The terrace also features a stone wall partition and potted plant.

The planter wall, extender wall and stone terrace wall are free-standing.  This allows you to change the look of the suite at will. Use as many or as few pieces as you like.

The furniture too, can be arranged and rearranged  !

IMG_4276 copy

IMG_4280 copy

IMG_4288 copy

IMG_4291 copy

IMG_4294 copy

IMG_4293 copy

IMG_4252 copy

IMG_4266 copy

IMG_4268 copy

IMG_4312 copy

IMG_4317 copy

IMG_4319 copy

IMG_4332 copy

IMG_4337 copy

IMG_4321 copy

IMG_4326 copy

A look at the built-in planter with natural sunlight streaming through the recessed openings:

IMG_4285 copy

“Suite63”  II  includes the following :

Built In Planter  Wall with wall extender – free-standing

“Sliding” Glass Door Wall – “Glass” is non-glare, Lucerne plastic.  Doors do not actually open

Extender wall – free-standing

Stone Terrace Partition – free-standing

Wall to Wall carpet (approximate size 21″ w x 38″ l )

Upholstered “Party Sofa”

Upholstered “Slipper Chair”

MCM style Floor Lamp

Coffee Table

Chaise Lounge

“Outdoor” Potted Plant

Flowers and vines for the built-in planter ( Plants are loose so that you may arrange them as you wish or replenish with different plants!)

6 Toss Pillows – 2 pink, 2 blue, 2 green

Table accessories – cigarettes/holder and ashtray, 3 magazines (do not open) and red bowl

Wall Art – Circular and hand painted by Me !  Colorful bottles depicted

*Terrace flooring is NOT included.

*LED lights for the planter are NOT included, but may be purchased at many local hardware a/o dollar stores. Use these as an alternative to natural sunlight.

“Suite63” – debut price $475.00     SOLD !

Shipping is separate and is calculated according to where you live. Expect an oversized box charge when shipping.

Please contact me to purchase : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

When set up as shown in the photos below,  the entire suite measures approximately  30″ d x 38″ w x 14″ h

IMG_4341 copy

IMG_4346 copy

* Welcome Home is a registered trademark business. All writings, ideas and furniture are the property of the artist, Maryann Roy and may not be copied or used without written permission.

About/Policies: https://maryannroy.wordpress.com/about/


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Jon Copeland says:

    This is fabulous 🙂

  2. Dal Lowenbein says:


    Huggies, dal :0)

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks so much Dal ! xo

  3. hwesterv says:

    It’s fabulous, Maryann! I love the patio feature.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Hilda ! Yes, this is my first patio/terrace attempt. I am pleased with the results.

  4. Deb says:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record *grins*, I do believe you have outdone yourself this time, Ms. Roy.
    If you ever start focusing on 1:4 scale environs, I’ll just turn over my credit card and checking account numbers to you and be done with it. 😀
    Dolly hugs from Deb

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Deb ! Didn’t realize you are a 1:4 collector, but so glad you still enjoy my work. I appreciate the lovely compliments.

  5. bvisayc556 says:

    Love this, reminds me of the Draper apt on Mad Men, the wall planter is such a statement from this era, fabulous all around.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Brenda!

  6. Beautiful collections Maryann, I really like this stuff.

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