“One Spectacular Abode “

For your enjoyment, I am posting another favorite article that I wrote and designed for Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine in the Spring of 2010 – “One Spectacular Abode” features the then newly announced “Hollywood Glamour” series by Integrity Toys.  Lana Turner was the first doll in the series and I imagined her needing a little hide-a-way during filming.  Here’s the rest of the story.



One Spectacular Abode! 


Text, Photography, and Furnishings by: Maryann Roy

 It’s uncommon knowledge that those of us who adore our dolls may imagine a wider spectrum when it comes to collecting. You may think about it, dream about, share it with other collectors, if you dare. But, what is wrong with wanting more?

The wonderful world of articulation has brought our dolls to such heights that we can even imagine them as real. A secret world where they “live” their lives much like we do, or wish to do.

 One of the newest lines from Integrity and Jason Wu is the Hollywood Royalty Line. As the name implies, Hollywood Starlets and Glamour will be the focus.

 The line begins with Lana Turner, one of the most loved stars of screen and television. Now, if you know me, I guess it would be no secret to tell you that I am one of those collectors imagining a more realistic life for my dolls.

 Lana felt she needed a private get away between film making and public appearances.

Of course, being the sucker that I am, when it comes to my dolls, I felt the immediate need to comply!

Allow me, uh, that is Lana, to take you on a tour of her glamorous Hollywood Hide Away.

 Welcome! The entry into Lana’s private quarters boasts a large chaise lounge inviting guests to take a seat and relax while waiting for the hostess. Fresh flowers on the cocktail cabinet, always great the invitees.


 A very glamorous site awaits you when entering the Living Room! From the silk moiré upholstered furnishings, gorgeous inviting colors and personal effects that fill the room, one wonders where to look first!


  “Well, what do you think, Darling?” Lana asks, as she casually rests upon the sofa in her oh so stylish way! “Isn’t it truly Divine!?” I feel the designer did a lovely job of capturing my taste and personality.


 Colorful and bold, this gorgeous dresser is perfectly in scale with the rooms’ large dimensions. One may think of dressers as only for bedrooms, but again, this hide away is far from tradition! Burnished metal leaves serve as drawer pulls. An uncommon , but delightful detail.


  Comfortable and inviting, two slipper chairs welcome guests for savvy conversations. Notice the whimsical leopard print lamp shade! slipchairs

 A quick check in the mirror assures Lana of her looks and grace as she prepares to show us the rest of her abode.


  Coming down the hallway to Lana’s private quarters, you are greeted by finely detailed room dividers. No traditional doors here. But this is Hollywood after all and anything traditional, just doesn’t apply. hallbed

 Standing in the doorway to the bedroom, gives you a sense of just how glamorous a life Lana leads. Hand painted cabinets on either side of the bed, parquet flooring, and brass trimmed furniture, just begin to tell the story. enterbed

 An aerial view of the bedroom provides a better look at it’s presence. Large teal drapes close off the world when Lana needs peace and serenity. Mirrors behind pink glass lamps reflect light, while still making the room feel calm. aerialbed

 Lana takes a private call while we wait in the hallway. personal

  Never missing a chance to let you see just how lovely she is, Lana shows us her poise and grace while pausing for the camera yet again. poise

  A fabulous place to relax and soak up the sun, we are now out on the patio with Lana. Perfectly tailored lattice framed furnishings show her unbeatable taste in style. The patio is surrounded by private fencing and lush greens to keep the paparazzi away! patio

  “Hello Darling! Do make yourself at home.” – She seems to imply.

Phone always at the ready, in case a very important call comes in, Lana takes a moment to include me in her surroundings.


  She chooses to unwind reading some of her favorite magazines . “If only I could stay here all day. I do need the rest.” But, Lana gets the call that she is to attend a social affair this very evening.

Later that evening…”Ah, home at last!” The door opens welcoming Lana into her private world. door

  We are left, standing in the doorway, with one final look at Lana. True, Hollywood Royalty.



Text, photos, and doll – Maryann Roy

Complete furnishings by: Maryann Roy, Owner of “Welcome Home” doll furnishings.


Lana’s pink gown by : D.A.E. originals http://www.daeoriginals.com

Steel Blue Hostess outfit by: Hilda Westervelt http://www.bellissima-couture.com

Patio outfit by: Integrity Toys http://www.integrity.com

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Vin says:

    This has been my dream diorama since first sight in 2010…I can dream…can’t I?
    😉 xo

    1. maryannroy says:

      We all dream. 🙂 Thanks Vin ! xo

  2. Anna K. says:

    I am a fourth-generation Angeleno and this is about as “Hollywood glam” as it gets – in any scale! The teal dresser, btw, is VERY Dorothy Draper – love it.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks Anna. Yes ! The dresser was definitely influenced by my love of Dorothy Draper. Thank you for noticing!

  3. I cannot even believe this. This is my dream house. Makes me want to take up making miniatures. You are incredibly talented.

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