“Retro-Glam Living”

Where to start?!

This is by far, one of my all time favorite creations.  Please forgive any lack of modesty but,  this set has so much of ME into it, that I cannot help being  a bit proud and attached as well. 🙂 From the hand sculpted wall medallions and lighted fireplace to the “over the top” tweed boucle on the sofa, this set truly says “Welcome Home” !

“Retro-Glam Living” :




The fireplace, is  a free-standing independent piece and is not attached to any wall . It can be moved at will, anywhere in your display. Covered in “field stone”, it definitely commands attention in any room !  The  light up feature is powered by 2 AA batteries neatly hidden underneath the unit.


The “fire” is hand-made as well.  Shown below when light is not on :


And here, when the light is on :


The mantle is adorned with a long, slim planter, filled with hearty greens.  The gold lamp features a large, vintage, metal bead as its base and a gorgeous metallic turquoise shade. Above the mantle are two, hand sculpted medallions, also in gold, with mirrored center. Very mid-century looking !


Now let me tell you about the sofa !  As I LOVE texture, I searched for just the right material to cover this lengthy piece.  I found this (and I hope you will agree) delicious boucle tweed !

The seat on this sofa is deep and allows your dolls to sit back or casually lounge in comfort. The back rest is purposely low, so that dolls look regal when set upon it.

The sofa also features tapered legs. All wood is painted a warm burnt sienna. Three glamour style pillows  are also included.



The long, colorful coffee table plays host to books, and trinkets  or whatever your dolls wishes. Turquoise acrylic rests on the wood base, also painted in burnt sienna.  Included with the set : Retro style ashtray, 2 cigarettes, 2 treasure jars and Better Homes and Garden Decorating book. (Book does not open).


“Retro-Glam Living”  comes with :

Field Stone Fireplace – With “fire” and light up capability. (2 AA batteries included)

Sofa –  Long (13 1/2″) and deep. Covered in sumptuous multi-colored boucle tweed!  Tapered legs. Includes 3 pillows – 1 round green, 1 copper lame and 1 pink.

Coffee Table – Turquoise acrylic top  with bottom shelf. Painted base.  (Acrylic top rests on base and will come wrapped, unattached, to prevent any scratching.)

Accessories :

Gold Lamp w/turquoise shade

2 Mirrored Wall Medallions

Planter with greenery

1 gold “trinket” jar

1 crystal “trinket ” jar

Retro style Ashtray with 2 cigarettes

Better Homes and Garden Decoration book (does not open)


 Please email me for availability or any questions:


And now, here are some more beauty shots of  “Retro-Glam Living”  ! :







Below the lovely “Victoire” doll is modeling, however, this set will fit any 11-12″ fashion doll.





Please email me for availability :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. Valerie Sangster says:

    Oh how I wish I had room for this set! So beautiful!

    1. maryannroy says:

      It’s VERY compact Val ! The fireplace is not attached to any wall, so all pieces can be moved around at will ! You have room. 🙂

  2. Doreen Greenberg says:

    I sent you a email I would like to purchase this set at $265.00 plus shipping to Dallas TX

    1. maryannroy says:

      Sent you an email Doreen ! Thank you!

  3. hwesterv says:

    I absolutely love this, especially the fireplace.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Hilda !! xo

  4. Brag on Maryann you have every right to 😉 I love everything about “Retro-Glam Living.” Congrats to you and to the lucky collector who got to this first. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Kelly says:

    You have outdone yourself with this rich boucle, DELICIOUS it absolutely is! I really love it. And I love the color scheme of the pillows with the colors of the boucle. Just showed my family and they are in awe of the fireplace! Perfection for this time of year. Brag on! Your ears must be burning from all the bragging I’m doing.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Kelly ! xo

  6. annti65 says:

    I’m with you Maryann – this set is one of my faves too! I especially LOVE that fireplace!!!

    1. maryannroy says:

      It’s so much fun, isn’t it Ann?! 🙂 Thank you !

  7. denise@garyparkinson.com says:

    Yes! This set is over the top gorgeous and if you still can add me, I do want this!!


    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Denise – Thanks for your lovely compliment. These sets are now SOLD OUT, but I can add you to my First to Know List for future sales. – Emailed you. – Maryann

  8. Ann W says:

    Oh Maryann:
    You’ve outdone yourself this time! Fabulous.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you very much Ann !

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