Retro Wedding !

Hello All –

This summer,  I had a special request to design a top for a wedding cake.  While not in my usual realm of 1:6 scale design , I was instantly drawn to the Brides’ vision of her wedding being Mid Century Modern themed!

Courtney and Alex (The Bride and Groom) recently purchased a mid-century modern home, and wanted to share their love of  this with their family and friends.

While you wouldn’t normally  think of a “living space” on top of a wedding cake as being traditional, in some ways it really is! Traditionally weddings symbolize  the new couple setting out to make a life of their own in a new home, and so, here we see the inclusion of the dwelling where they will become one united family. A sweet idea indeed !

The Bride loves orange and turquoise and  that became the jumping off point for the cake top design. A room divider was also a must, a very MCM symbol !

Here is the cake top before its trip out West.  (Bride and Groom dolls supplied by the Bride) . The sofa, coffee table, divider and hanging lamp are all connected as one unit for easy placement on the cake .

IMG_5130 copy

I was delighted when Courtney shared photos of their retro style wedding with Me. I am proud to be a small part of their special day and I wanted to share with all of you.

At the chapel :


Headed for the reception in style ! :


Awaiting the guests of honor :

_MG_9225 copy

The ceremonious “cutting of the cake ” :


Congratulations Courtney and Alex  !   Wishing you many years of health and happiness !


Courtney tells me that their cake top is now encased in glass and on display in their MCM home. What an honor to be able to create such a special treasure that will be with them throughout their lifetime !

*Photos used with permission.

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen H says:

    What a fabulous idea for a cake topper—truly a treasure! And the (real-life) bride’s gown is fabulous, too:) Congrats to the happy couple, and to Maryann for another job well done:)

  2. Glenn says:

    You gotta love when someone, somewhere out there in the virtual world, sees other expressions of your art to complement their life, whether via an event, such as this lovely wedding, or what have you. All together, a testament to your talents, Maryann my love! XO

  3. Ronda says:

    What a wonderful idea! Beautiful couple–many happy wishes.

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